When did the war start in Congo?

When did the war start in Congo?

August 2, 1998 – July 18, 2003
Second Congo War/Periods

Why is there two Congo?

Both countries gained independence in 1960, but they were colonized by different countries. Congo-Brazzaville was colonized by France while Congo-Kinshasa was colonized by Belgium. Congo-Brazzaville and Congo-Kinshasa both use French as its official language, as well as the local language known as Lingala.

Where did the Congo war happen?

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Second Congo War/Locations

What are the Tutsi and Hutu?

The split between Hutus and Tutsis arose not as a result of religious or cultural differences, but economic ones. “Hutus” were people who farmed crops, while “Tutsis” were people who tended livestock. Most Rwandans were Hutus. Gradually, these class divisions became seen as ethnic designations.

Who enslaved the Congo?

King Leopold
In Congo, mass suffering has been a way of life ever since the Belgian King Leopold enslaved millions in the 19th century.

Why are there 2 Congos 2 Sudans and 3 Guineas?

The DRC was formerly known as Zaire and earlier known as the Belgian Congo. The name Congo stems from the Bakongo, a Bantu tribe that populate the area. The two countries are separated not only by different colonial roots, but by the Congo River (or Zaire River), the second-longest river in Africa.

Who won Congo war?

First Congo War

Date 24 October 1996 – 16 May 1997 (6 months, 3 weeks and 1 day)
Result Decisive AFDL victory Overthrow of the Mobutu regime Zaire renamed back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Installation of Laurent-Désiré Kabila as president Beginning of Second Congo War

How many people died in the Congo War?

By 2008, the war and its aftermath had caused 5.4 million deaths, principally through disease and starvation, making the Second Congo War the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.

What countries were involved in the Congo War?

Map of the Congo War circa 2003. Congo Government (President Laurent Kabila), Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Chad. Also aiding Kabila are several militias and foreign rebel groups:

What is going on in the Congo?

While the government and the rebels continue to fight and occasionally negotiate, the “allies” from both sides are taking advantage of the territory they now occupy in Congo to extract natural resources and send them back home. Resources such as gold, silver, diamonds, and others.

What was the result of the Congo Civil War in 1999?

A two-year civil war that ended in 1999 restored former Marxist President Denis SASSOU-Nguesso, who had ruled from 1979 to 1992, and sparked a short period of ethnic and political unrest that was resolved by a peace agreement in late 1999.

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