Where are the bobbleheads located in Fallout 4?

Where are the bobbleheads located in Fallout 4?

Vault-Tec Bobblehead Locations Map Fallout 4

  • Perception Bobblehead in Museum of Freedom.
  • Explosive Bobblehead in Saugus Ironworks.
  • Repair Bobblehead in Corvega Assembly Plant.
  • Luck Bobblehead at Spectacle Island.
  • Agility Bobblehead on Wreck of the FMS Northern Star.
  • Endurance Bobblehead in Poseidon Energy.

Where is the Bobblehead in Corvega assembly plant?

Location. It can be found at the Corvega assembly plant on the very end of the top exterior gantry. It is located on the southwest roof section of the plant on top of a crate. It is on the top platform of the giant tower with a blue sphere reading “Corvega.” It is opposite of the entry point at the top of the stairs.

Is there a Bobblehead in Fort Hagen?

How to obtain the bobblehead. In the Command Center section of Fort Hagen, you will find this Bobblehead in the kitchen area, sitting between two fridges (the kitchen door is to the left of the top of the second staircase you take down into the maintenance area).

Where is the bobblehead in megaton?

The bobblehead is found in Lucas Simms’ house in Megaton, on a desk in the bedroom (door to the immediate left at top of stairs) on the second floor.

Where are the vault locations in Fallout 4?

Vault 111 is one of the Vaults in Fallout 4. It is located near Sanctuary Hills and it is the designated vault for that neighborhood.

Where is the secret vault in Fallout 4?

The Secret Vault is one of the vault series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec in northwest of Texas underneath the city of Los Ybanez , known as Los after the Great War . This vault is located northwest to Carbon.

Where is the castle located in Fallout 4?

The Castle. The area known as is a base Location in the far Eastern area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the East of the The Gwinnett Restaurant.

Where is the railroad location in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4. The Railroad is a joinable faction situated in the Commonwealth who assist runaway synths. Their main command center is located in the Old North Church in Boston, after their previous base was compromised following a raid by the Institute.

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