Where can I find weapons Monthly FF8?

Where can I find weapons Monthly FF8?

FF8 – Weapons Monthly March Issue location Right after you defeat Elvoret at the top of the Communications Tower in Dollet, the fiend will drop the Weapons Monthly March Issue.

Where can I find monthly weapons?

Weapons Monthly, March Issue Found at the top of Dollet communications tower after defeating Elvoret. The Elvoret drops the magazine upon defeat.

Can you save trabia garden FF8?

There is a [Timber Maniacs] issue on the ground in the middle of the cemetery. Go back to the front entrance and walk to the left of the Thundaga draw point. Head to the right to find a Save Point, save your game, and then walk over to the computer sitting at the top right of the screen to continue.

How do you get Combat King 001?

You can buy Combat King 001 in Esthar Pet Shop located north from the Presidential Palace. This can be bought for 1000 Gil.

Where can I upgrade my weapons in FF8?

Junk Shop
A Junk Shop in Balamb Town. Junk Shop menu. In Final Fantasy VIII, items can be taken to a junk shop where they can be used to modify and upgrade a character’s current weapon for a fee.

What do I do with magazines in FF8?

One major element of this are magazines, varied collectibles throughout FF8 that give you new limit breaks, help you to understand weapon upgrades and fill in information on rewarding side quests.

How do you get turtle shell in FF8?

Final Fantasy VIII Turtle Shells can be won from low and mid level Adamantoises, made form their cards (3:1) as well as the X-ARM092 cards (2:1), and mugged from any level of Armadodo.

How do you beat Hexadragon?

Battle. It uses several powerful Fire-type attacks, such as Firaga, Meltdown, and Flare Star, and its special attack, Breath, petrifies a party member. It has fairly low MP, so casting Rasp on it to drain its MP prevents it from casting spells. Firaga, Holy, Flare, and Ultima can easily defeat the dragon.

How do I get to Trabia Garden?

Pilot the Garden to Trabia (northeast of Balamb), or you can stop by nearby Shumi Village for a side quest. Back at Trabia disembark, and go to Trabia Garden. Follow Selphie over the wall. By the entrace is the Weapons Monthly August, a draw point and Selphie’s best friend.

What happens to Balamb Garden in Trabia?

Balamb escapes destruction by transforming into its mobile form and outrunning the attack, but Trabia is caught by surprise. By the time Balamb Garden arrives at Trabia, the party finds it in ruins. The Garden is devastated, but does its best to comfort the survivors and pay their respects to those who were lost.

Why did Selphie leave Trabia Garden?

Selphie left Trabia to take the SeeD exam at Balamb Garden. Although she enjoys being a SeeD, she remains loyal to Trabia Garden, and speaks fondly of her time there.

Where can I find the August issue of the weapons monthly?

Unlike the other Weapons Monthlies that become available in the order of the months, the August issue can be picked up before the one for July. It is possible this is a mistake, and the issues were intended to be in the opposite order. Can be found in the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory during the last Laguna dream sequence.

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