Where can I surrender my cat for free San Diego?

Where can I surrender my cat for free San Diego?

If you have exhausted all of the resources available to you, you can make an appointment online to surrender your pet to San Diego Humane Society. You may also call to schedule an appointment: for San Diego Campus, call 619-299-7012; for El Cajon Campus, call 619-299-7012; for Escondido Campus, call 619-299-7012, ext.

Are San Diego animal shelters no kill?

In order to retain their No Kill status, however, most humane societies may not accept dogs or cats that are considered unadoptable. Despite recent successful efforts to reverse the high euthanasia rate in some of our local municipal shelters, there is still no such thing as a No Kill municipal shelter in San Diego.

Where can I take a cat I no longer want?

You can surrender your cat by bring him to an open admissions shelter or rescue organization. If ensuring your cat ends up adopted into a loving home is important to you, there is another option that will help your cat be seen by millions of potential adopters.

How can I give away my cat?

Surrendering your pet to a shelter If you are not able to find a home on your own, surrendering your pet to a humane society, animal rescue, or municipal animal shelter is a viable option. In fact, many adoption contracts require you to return pets to them rather than have you rehome on your own.

Should I return my cat to the shelter?

Don’t Blame Yourself for Returning a Pet to the Shelter In most instances no, it’s not. Unless you’re returning the pet for unprovoked aggression or an untreatable illness, they are probably going to find a new home where they fit right in. Even knowing that they’ll be adopted again, you’re still going to feel crummy.

Is the Escondido Humane Society a no kill shelter?

Only shelters that release 90 percent of their animals alive canjustify calling themselves no-kill facilities, according to theOakland-based No Kill Advocacy Center. The Escondido Humane Society does save almost 90 percent of itsdogs, but only 52 percent of its cats, according to its most recentrecords.

Can I surrender my cat to PetSmart?

PetSmart does not take cats, though you are allowed to bring your cat into the store if you are shopping. If you attempt to surrender a cat at a PetSmart location, you will be turned away and given other options.

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