Where did my Craftsy classes go?

Where did my Craftsy classes go?

It’s official! As of today, January 8, 2019, Craftsy has become Bluprint. Now, the individual Craftsy classes have become Bluprint as well. If you go to the old craftsy address, you will be automatically redirected to mybluprint.com.

Can I download my Craftsy classes?

Although Craftsy/Bluprint has never been unique as a source of good information, you may want to download your classes so you don’t loose your ‘lifetime access’ to much good material. The download app at Bluprint-Craftsy only works for iOS/ Android (instructions here).

What classes are available on Craftsy?

All Classes from Craftsy.com | Get Creative!

  • Fabric Crafts Fabric Crafts.
  • Yarn Crafts Yarn Crafts.
  • Food Food.
  • Art Art.
  • Living Living.

Are Craftsy classes free with membership?

Membership Sharing allows you to share your membership with up to three of your closest family and friends. With unlimited access to over 1,500 classes across more than 20 categories, share the Craftsy experience with the ones you love. No additional cost to you or your friends!

What happened to my Craftsy account?

In 2018, Craftsy was purchased by NBC/Universal and rebranded as Bluprint. It was confusing, and many of us were not thrilled with this change. But, I enjoyed the Craftsy platform so much I joined the Bluprint service right away.

How do I email Craftsy?

For questions about our website, Premium Membership, or single Class sales, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-891-7203.

What happened to the Craftsy app?

Craftsy was merged entirely into Bluprint in January 2019. Bluprint assets were acquired by TN Marketing in July 2020, which launched a new site, reverted to Craftsy, later in the year.

Is Craftsy still available?

Well, it’s finally happened. First, it was Craftsy, now Bluprint. Formally known as Craftsy, Bluprint has closed its doors forever. Prior to the acquisition, Craftsy had been a terrific platform that allowed independent creators such as ourselves to distribute patterns both paid and free.

How much is Craftsy subscription?

Become a member for unlimited access to our massive library of tips, techniques and tricks taught by world-class experts in more than 20 industries. Only $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually!

How much does Craftsy cost?

Craftsy has a new pricing plan, and it’s subscription-based. The monthly subscription plan costs $7.99, and the yearly is $79.99. You can pay monthly or annually. If you choose a yearly Craftsy subscription plan, you will save 15.89%.

What happened to my Craftsy library?

Craftsy will be retired on January 8, 2019. All of your pattern downloads and the classes you purchased will be accessible at Bluprint instead. Simply use your Craftsy login at Bluprint.com (use the “Forgot Password” button if you don’t remember your login). You’ll find your purchases in your Library at Bluprint.

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