Where is Adam Shacknai now?

Where is Adam Shacknai now?

Adam works as a tugboat pilot in Memphis, Tennessee.

What really happened to Max Shacknai?

However, Max’s death was officially ruled accidental. Investigators have since speculated that he may have tripped over a ball or the dog, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Meanwhile, Zahau’s death was officially ruled a suicide.

Is Jonah Shacknai remarried?

Shacknai is remarried, and is the father of five children, including Max, who died in July 2011 shortly after Shacknai’s then-girlfriend Rebecca Zahau.

What nationality is shacknai?

Jonah Shacknai/Nationality

Who owns the Spreckels mansion now?

Spreckels Mansion (San Francisco)

Spreckels Mansion
Owner Adolph B. Spreckels, Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, Danielle Steel
Technical details
Floor count 3
Design and construction

Who owns Spreckels Mansion?

Who lives in the Spreckels mansion now?

The current owners, a Utah group, have tried to sell the historic house several times over the past five years. The house has been renovated and was last priced at $15.9 million. Zahau’s then-boyfriend Valley pharmaceutical firm executive Jonah Shacknai owned the home when she died there.

Where is the Spreckels mansion in Coronado?

1043 Ocean Blvd.
The historic home, designed in 1908, is located at 1043 Ocean Blvd. in Coronado.

When did Danielle Steel buy the Spreckels Mansion?

Shortly after she married cruise-line executive John Traina in 1981, Ms. Steel bought a local landmark, a Beaux-Arts mansion built for sugar tycoon Adolph Spreckels. At the time she was a fixture in the San Francisco society scene, attending benefits and hosting dinners.

What is the most expensive house in Coronado California?

709/711 1st Street — $10 million This Coronado property, at 7,228 square feet, is the biggest of the top sellers so far this year and is actually a three-building compound. It has six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and panoramic views of the San Diego Bay and downtown.

Who owns Spreckels mansion today?

Who lives at 2080 Washington Street San Francisco?

novelist Danielle Steel
The Spreckels Mansion at 2080 Washington—best known as the current home of romance superstar novelist Danielle Steel—has been a major San Francisco landmark since day one and has played host to tales that are worthy of her books.

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