Where is LW flooring manufactured?

Where is LW flooring manufactured?

LW Flooring, with factories based in China, is made to meet high US flooring standard with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. Strict quality assurance and quality control process made LW Flooring Engineered Hardwood, Bamboo and Laminate products one of the highest quality flooring products in the market.

Who owns LW flooring?

Peng Lu –
Peng Lu – President – LW Flooring | LinkedIn.

Who owns Provenza flooring?

Ron Sadri
It was Provenza Floors, in fact, that began commercially applying an innovative acrylic color impregnation process that expanded the options in stains for hardwood flooring. “Infusion was developed more than 10 years ago, but is still our signature product,” said Ron Sadri, principal/owner of Provenza Floors.

Who makes Riverstone flooring?

LW Flooring
The Riverstone collection by LW Flooring features Stone Plastic Core Construction for a durable, long-lasting, and beautiful floor for your home.

What is aluminum oxide finish on hardwood flooring?

An aluminum oxide finish forms an impenetrable seal that blocks oxygen, air, and water from oxidizing and degrading the wood. The UV coating preserves the floor’s color and sheen so it doesn’t fade quickly from UV radiation.

Who makes Riverstone LVP?

The Riverstone LVP Collection by LW Flooring is their newest addition. Choose from 10 beautiful colors that all measure 7″ x 60″. Lifetime residential warranty makes this a popular choice for flooring remodels.

How much does Provenza flooring cost?

Provenza Compared to other Vinyl Plank Brands

Brand / Line Overall Thickness Price per Square Foot
Provenza MaxCore 8 mm $4.99 per sq. ft
Mannington Adura Max 8 mm $5.50 – $6.00 per sq. ft
Armstrong Luxe Plank 7.8 mm $4.39 – $5.39 per sq. ft
Smartcore Ultra XL 7.5 mm $3.89 per sq. ft

How much does Provenza LVP cost?

Provenza’s MaxCore Waterproof LVP flooring line, includes two beautiful floor collections “Uptown Chic” and “Moda Living”….Provenza Moda Living.

Manufacturer Provenza
Warranty 15 Year Limited Commercial
Price / Sq. Ft. $4.49
Sq. Ft. / Carton 28.66
Price / Carton $128.68

Is aluminum oxide better than polyurethane?

Aluminum oxide is very similar to polyurethane finish, though it is more durable and lasts much longer. While polyurethane finish can last only about 10 years, aluminum oxide can not only outlast it by more than double the years, it is more resilient against scratches.

Can aluminum oxide floors be refinished?

Stripping and refinishing the floors, as you would regular hardwood, is dangerous because it strips the finish off the wood and leaves the floors unprotected from foot traffic and stains. Refinishing aluminum oxide floors involves cleaning them and using specialty products.

What is stone core flooring?

Stone-core flooring, known as Stone Plastic Composite flooring, is commonly referred to as SPC Vinyl. It is an engineered, luxury vinyl plank flooring option that is very new to the market. SPC vinyl is a product that is manufactured with a stone-plastic composite core instead of a solid PVC backing.

Where is Provenza made?

Featuring a wide plank European Oak (Made in Holland) with a light to heavy wire brush and multi-stain process that is hand finished in the USA by Provenza master wood crafters.

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