Where is my wowcher wallet credit?

Where is my wowcher wallet credit?

The “Wowcher Wallet” is where any credit that you may have been awarded to use on www.wowcher.co.uk (the “Wowcher Website”) will be found. 2. You can see the current balance in your Wowcher Wallet and the historical balance by logging onto the Wowcher Website and viewing the “My Account” pages.

How do you redeem wowcher credit?

A: Please click on the link under “How to Redeem” on your wowcher. Enter your code in the discount/voucher code box when prompted. This can be located on your wowcher. The wowcher code is case sensitive so please ensure that it is entered exactly as shown.

Can I withdraw money from my wowcher wallet?

Between 1 and 30 days after you purchase your Wowcher you can exchange your unredeemed Wowcher in return for 100% Wowcher Wallet Credit to be used towards an alternative deal.

How do I speak to a human at wowcher?

Wowcher customer services – 0203 699 5024 Phone Wowcher customer services by calling their general enquiries contact number 0203 699 5024 to speak to an advisor about their online voucher deals.

What does redeem voucher mean?

Redeemable voucher means any ticket, token, coupon, receipt, or other non-cash representation of value. Redeemable vouchers may not be redeemed for cash or used in combination with any gift card, cash, or the equivalent thereof to receive anything of value.

How long is wowcher credit?

3 months
After you purchase a wowcher, instead of redeeming it with the merchant, you may redeem it towards another deal or claim a Wowcher Wallet Credit which will be valid for 3 months.

How do I complain about Wowcher?

Complain to Wowcher – 0203 699 5024 Contact Wowcher on their customer service phone number 0203 699 5024 to make a complaint about an overcharged deal, poor conduct by the hotel you stayed at and regarding a faulty item you purchased via an offer.

Is Wowcher a con?

Poor Company. This Company doesn’t only con its customers it also cons their staff members. I worked at wowcher for a few months and in that time I had seen at least 4 staff members sacked and a few people had walked out. The company is ran off complete greed and the care for customers is absolutely atrocious.

How do I redeem a timely voucher?

Redeem a gift voucher

  1. Once you’ve added everything to your invoice, tap Pay to open the payment screen:
  2. Tap Redeem gift voucher in the bottom left:
  3. Enter the Gift voucher code and tap Next:
  4. You’ll be shown the Gift voucher balance and underneath that you can set the Gift voucher amount to use.

What does voucher Cannot be redeemed mean?

If the voucher wishes to redeem a voucher that has not yet been paid for, you will receive the following message from e-guma: The voucher can not be redeemed, as it has not been paid. If you would like to ensure that a voucher is only sent once the invoice has been paid for, you are welcome to contact us.

How do I complain to Wowcher?

Is Wowcher real or fake?

Wowcher is a discount website where businesses will offer their services for a heavily discounted price. Offers and deals are advertised, you purchase a “Wowcher” for the deal and then you “redeem” the Wowcher with the company. Some of the latest Wowcher deals include: High-end Mattresses.

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