Where Is The Best Place To Put A Dehumidifier In A House?

Usually, the humidity in the house will be higher during the cold season. In this case, you will have to reduce the air moisture. Here, a dehumidifier is what will help you reduce the air moisture in the house. A dehumidifier plays a huge role than just reducing the air moisture in the house.

When you want to get a dehumidifier for your house, you will have to consider where it will be installed. Proper installation of the dehumidifier helps it to work efficiently. In this article, we will be discussing the best places to install a dehumidifier.

Factors to Consider

Before you decide where the dehumidifier is going to be installed, you will need to put some factors into consideration. So, what should you consider before installing the air moisture reduction machine? Here is a look at them;

  • The Air Circulation
  • The dehumidifier is responsible for air moisture reduction. This means that air circulation is a major factor to consider. These dehumidifiers are made to such in air, eliminate the moisture, and release it back. In this case, you should place the dehumidifier where it allows the circulation of air.

    Generally, ensure that the dehumidifier is placed at least six inches away from the wall on every side. There should be any object that blocks airflow to and from the dehumidifier. Nonetheless, some units out there have been designed to be installed close to the wall without affecting the airflow or its functionality.

    • Electricity

    Too many people make the mistake of placing the dehumidifier too close to an electrical outlet. Yes, the unit runs on electricity, but it should be placed away from the socket/outlet. Besides placing the unit away from the outlet that it is plugged in, it shouldn’t be installed near electric cables or cords.

    By why should you install it away from the electrical outlet and cords? The reason behind it is that you will be preventing an electrical shock or possible explosion. You see, water is usually collected by the dehumidifier, and it will either be stored in an internal tank in the unit or drained through a hose. Here, there might be a leak or spill, which can get to the electrical outlet or cables. So, ensure that it is placed away from any electrical outlet or cords.

    • Drainage

    As we have mentioned in the previous point, the dehumidifier will suck in moisture from the air, which then becomes liquid when it is inside the unit. Some units will come with a fitted internal tank to store the water, while others will drain it out.

    Suppose the unit comes with an internal tank, you must ensure that you empty it whenever it fills up. But if it extracts the water through a drain hose, you’ll need to shorten the length of the hose. The hose should be as short as possible to give the unit an easy time when draining the water. A shorter hose will also prevent a person from tripping, and reduce the chances of developing a leakage.

    • Dirt and Dust

    Most of the dehumidifiers out there are made to filter out dust and dirt particles. But if the dehumidifier absorbs too much dust and dirt, it might even break down. Too much dust and dirt can clog up the filters in the dehumidifier, which will then reduce the efficiency of the unit. Therefore, you need to ensure that the dehumidifier is placed in a clean place, where dust doesn’t accumulate too often.

    Excessive dust accumulation can also make the device to use more electricity, which will shoot up the electricity bills.

    But you should also consider purchasing an Energy Star unit to save on your electricity bills. For instance, the Vremi 70 pint energy star dehumidifier is one of the top energy-saving humidifiers out there, which also work very efficiently.

    Where to Place the Dehumidifier

    As you consider the factors before you install your dehumidifier, here are some of the most recommended places to install it;

    • The Basement

    Many people have placed their home-based dehumidifier down the basement. Generally, the basements are the dampest and wet places in the house. By the way, keep in mind that some dehumidifiers are specifically designed to be installed in the basement.

    The excess moisture in the basement can even damage the structure of the building and increase the chances of mold growth. When left untreated mold can cause serious damage to both property and health, so if any signs of mold are seen, expert Mold Remediation Services should be contacted. The dehumidifier down there will help to reduce the air moisture around the house too.

    • Living Room/Any Room

    You can also place the device in any room around the house. Some people choose to place it in the living room to reduce air moisture. But when installing it in a small room, ensure that the unit is centrally placed. But if the room is big, then the unit should be placed close enough to the source of the moisture.

    • The Bathroom

    Another common place with high levels of moisture is the bathroom. The bathroom will be extra moist and damp if it doesn’t have a window or exhaust fan. The excess moisture can lead to the development of mold. Plus, it can bubble the paint on the walls.

    That is why some people choose to install a dehumidifier in the bathroom. It can also help to regulate the temperature in the bathroom.

  • The Garage
  • Another place where you will find high levels of moisture in the garage. People use the garage differently, and one of them is to keep equipment, manual tools, and power tools. There is where the vehicle and motorbikes are kept too. So, the high levels of moisture can lead to a massive loss.

    The humidifier here should be installed to eliminate the air moisture and also prevent the growth of mold or rust on the tools.

    Once you decide where you’ll be installing the dehumidifier, follow the safety precautions and you can be sure of having a unit that works efficiently for a long time. Ensure that you pick one from a reputable brand. Also, choose the size of the dehumidifier based on the size of the room that you place it.

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