Where is the most exclusive place to live in Florida?

Where is the most exclusive place to live in Florida?

Detailed List Of The Most Expensive Cities In Florida

Rank City Population
1 Surfside 5,725
2 Key West 24,843
3 West Miami 7,788
4 Miami Beach 90,108

What is the largest gated community in Florida?

Ocean Reef Club has the distinction of being the largest private club community in South Florida with 2,500 acres. The club offers a desired destination a mere 50 minutes from the Miami airport.

Does Florida have gated communities?

Gated communities in Florida are perfect for retirees and families. Florida gated communities offer many benefits including privacy and security while you spend time at the beach, on the golf course, and in your own home. Florida’s diverse regions offer a variety of different lifestyles with amenities to match.

What is the wealthiest town in Florida?

Pinecrest is the wealthiest city in Florida. Residents average an income of $30,900. Homes cost an average of $1 million.

Are gated communities more expensive?

Homes in gated communities are more expensive for various reasons. According to a study conducted by the American Real Estate Society, or ARES, homes in gated communities are about $30,000 more expensive than a non-gated community home.

Where is the most expensive house in South Florida?

The Seven Most Expensive Homes on the Market in South Florida

  1. $84 Million | 901 N. Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach.
  2. $78.5 Million | 149 E.
  3. $59.9 Million | 2325 S.
  4. $54.9 Million | 41 Arvida Pkwy, Coral Gables.
  5. $49.5 Million | 4540 Gordon Dr, Naples.
  6. $48.5 Million | 8901 Arvida Ln, Coral Gables.
  7. $45 Million | 1450 N.

Where can I see a mansion in Florida?

Here are 10 historic homes throughout Florida that should be on your “must visit” list.

  • VILLA VIZCAYA – Miami.
  • Henry Flagler Museum – Palm Beach.
  • STRANAHAN HOUSE – Fort Lauderdale.
  • THE RINGLING – Sarasota.
  • the audubon house – Key West.

Why do people live in gated communities in Florida?

Start with the good stuff about gated communities in Florida. Those communities usually are gated, not only to protect the community’s considerable investment in facilities, but also to help homeowners maintain their personal property investments.

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