Where to get an auto inspection in Arizona?

Where to get an auto inspection in Arizona?There are over 6 million vehicles registered in the state of Arizona that are potential aftermarket lots. Arizona has a temperate climate with very hot summers and warm winters. From fall to spring, the average temperature is 16 degrees, and in the summer months it can rise to +52 degrees. Fires and sandstorms are quite common here. Last year, more than 120 thousand road accidents were registered in the state, and the number of vehicle thefts exceeded 18 thousand.

These data we have given so that you, as a potential buyer, more responsibly approach the question of buying a used car, an important component of which is the inspection of the vehicle.

How to check out a car in the state of Arizona before you buy it

If you have the opportunity to be present in person when you buy a used car, the traditional way to check it out is to inspect and test drive it. The effectiveness of this method depends on your qualifications and experience in operating vehicles. If you do not possess such, you will have to hire a qualified specialist. However, this is not a guarantee of a successful purchase, as not all damage can be detected at the inspection stage, and in addition, there may be legal restrictions on legal ownership of the car.

It’s no secret that every car leaves “traces” that are stored in the databases of various government and commercial organizations. Many of them can provide the information you are interested in, including on a paid basis. This is not the cheapest and shortest way to collect the car’s operating history and check its current status, but it is also sometimes practiced.

The fastest, most budget-friendly and reliable way is to check the car by VIN code. This is an opportunity to get a report with a detailed history of the car’s operation, where technical data, equipment, vehicle status, operating conditions and much more will be given. In order to get such a report you will only need a VIN code – a 17-digit identification number that is assigned to the vehicle at the manufacturing plant.

It can be found in the registration documents, insurance policy and on the car body (it is duplicated in several places). Access to the VIN decoder is provided by special services, the most famous of which we will tell you more about.

Services for checking car history by VIN-code

Services for checking car history by VIN-codeTo work with such online services, you will need a unique vehicle identifier – a VIN code, which must be entered into a special form. In response to the user’s actions, the system generates a report containing comprehensive information about the vehicle. Despite the general principles of operation, the reports of such online services have significant differences. Checkcar.vin is the most popular service where the VIN code is checked in the state of Arizona.

Unlike other similar services, checkcar.vin offers a report that combines data from different systems. This ensures that you get as much information as possible, which is enough to evaluate your vehicle. The report contains information from government and commercial organizations. This is not the only advantage of the service, taking advantage of which you get the opportunity:

  • check your car’s history on a paid and free basis;
  • work with the service in several languages;
  • pay for services in one of several popular ways;
  • learn as much of the vehicle’s operating history as possible.

The report generated by the system will contain the following information:

  • mileage as of a certain date;
  • data on technical inspections, repairs;
  • vehicle involvement in road accidents;
  • technical characteristics, factory equipment, its modifications;
  • if the car is stolen;
  • operating conditions (cab services, trucking, etc.);
  • vehicle status (pledged, utilized, etc.), etc.


Checking the history of a car has become a mandatory procedure, which does not always exclude other ways of verification, but allows you to significantly reduce possible risks when buying a vehicle.

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