Which country has highest GDP in 2011?

Which country has highest GDP in 2011?

The five economies with the highest GDP per capita are Qatar, Macao SAR, China,, Luxembourg, Kuwait, and Brunei. The first two economies have more than $100,000 per capita.

Which country has the best GDP per capita?

GDP per Capita

# Country GDP (nominal) per capita (2017)
1 Qatar $61,264
2 Macao $80,890
3 Luxembourg $105,280
4 Singapore $56,746

Which country has the highest GDP per capita 2020?

Luxembourg is the top country by GDP per capita in the world. As of 2020, GDP per capita in Luxembourg was 116,921 US dollars. The top 5 countries also includes Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, and the United States of America. What is GDP per capita?

Which country has the highest GDP per capita 2021?

Editor’s note: Readers have rightly pointed out that Monaco is one of the world’s richest countries in GDP per capita (nominal) terms. This is true, but the IMF dataset excludes Monaco and lists it as “No data” each year….GDP per Capita in 2021: Full Dataset.

Country GDP per Capita (Nominal, 2021, USD)
Sweden $57,660

What is the GDP of the world in 2011?

Global GDP by Year

Year GDP Real (Inflation adj.) GDP Nominal (Current USD)
2012 $69,835,075,997,485 $75,061,410,005,884
2011 $68,117,537,705,699 $73,367,916,052,190
2010 $66,036,387,107,063 $66,036,387,107,063
2009 $63,278,666,091,537

Which city has the highest GDP per capita?

List of cities by GDP (PPP) per capita

METRO_ID Metropolitan areas
1 USA05 San Francisco (Greater)
2 LU001 Luxembourg
3 USA14 Seattle
4 USA11 Boston

Which country has the highest GDP in 2012?

Top 10 largest countries in 2012 by GDP

  • Japan 5.960 trillion USD.
  • Germany 3.400 trillion USD.
  • France 2.613 trillion USD.
  • United Kingdom 2.435 trillion USD.
  • Brazil 2.253 trillion USD.
  • Russia 2.015 trillion USD.
  • Italy 2.013 trillion USD.
  • India 1.842 trillion USD.

What was global GDP in 2010?

65.95 trillion USD
World GDP by Year

Date Value
Dec 31, 2012 74.89 trillion USD
Dec 31, 2011 73.28 trillion USD
Dec 31, 2010 65.95 trillion USD
Dec 31, 2009 60.17 trillion USD

What is the average GDP per capita in the world?

As of 2017, the average GDP per capita (PPP) of all of the countries of the world is US$17,300. For rankings regarding wealth, see list of countries by wealth per adult .

What is the nominal GDP for countries and dependencies?

List of per capita nominal GDP for countries and dependencies. International Monetary Fund (2021 estimates) World Bank (2019) United Nations (2019); Rank Country/Territory US$ 1 Luxembourg 131,782 2 Switzerland 94,696 3 Ireland 94,556 4 Norway 81,995 5 United States 68,309

Which country has the best economy in the world?

Although the rankings of national economies have changed considerably over time, the United States has maintained its top position since the Gilded Age, a time period in which its economy saw rapid expansion, surpassing the British Empire and Qing dynasty in aggregate output.

Is PPP better than GDP per capita?

PPP largely removes the exchange rate problem but not others; it does not reflect the value of economic output in international trade, and it also requires more estimation than GDP per capita. On the whole, PPP per capita figures are more narrowly spread than nominal GDP per capita figures.

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