Which is better adventure or crosswind?

Which is better adventure or crosswind?

The Isuzu Crosswind engine produces a peak power of 85 PS at 3900 rpm and peak torque of 185 Nm at 2000 rpm. Like the fact that the Isuzu Crosswind at 4480 (L) X 1680 (W) X 1830 (H) mm is only slightly longer than the Mitsubishi Adventure at 4420 (L) X 1650 (W) X 1800 (H) mm.

What vehicle type is Mitsubishi Adventure?

The Mitsubishi Freeca is a compact MPV and pickup truck designed by Mitsubishi Motors and China Motor Corporation for the Asian market, and built in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines, where it is known as the Mitsubishi Adventure.

How much is Mitsubishi Adventure in the Philippines?


Adventure GLX 2.5L MT (7&9 Seater) 905,000.00 8,700.00

Is Mitsubishi Adventure fuel efficient?

Owing to this decent engine, the Mitsubishi Adventure 2017 model boasts a great fuel efficiency of 8.0 km/L on city roads and 14.0 km/L on the highways. With regards to acceleration ability, the Adventure 2017 can rocket from the stand still to 100 km/h within 15 seconds before topping out at 160 km/h.

How many seats does a Mitsubishi Adventure have?

7 seats
Adventure (2006-2017) 2.5 GLS Sport MT Technical Specifications

Seating Capacity 7 seats
Ground Clearance 180 mm
Length 4420 mm
Gross Weight 2100 kg
Width 1650 mm

Is Mitsubishi Adventure a rear wheel drive?

ADVENTURE is the second model in the DFW series….ADVENTURE Profile.

Dimensions (L x W x H; mm): 4320 x 1650 x 1800
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Drive mode: Rear-wheel drive
Wheelbase (mm) 2620
Track (mm) Front 1455

Is adventure a good car?

It’s a pretty old model, but it’s easily one of the most dependable vehicles Mitsubishi has ever built. The fact that it continues to be used as a PUV is a solid testament to just how much more practical and reliable of a vehicle it is compared to the other newer models in the Philippine automotive landscape.

Is Mitsubishi Adventure manual or automatic?

Key Specs of Mitsubishi Adventure (2006-2017)

Transmission Type Diesel Manual Gasoline Manual
Power Diesel 74 hp
Seating Capacity Diesel 7 seats
Engine Displacement Diesel 2477 cc

How much is the price of Mitsubishi Adventure 2017 in Philippines?

Mitsubishi Adventure 2017 Price in the Philippines. The pricing for the Mitsubishi Adventure 2017 model ranges from ₱690,000 to ₱1,010,000 depending on specific variant.

What kind of engine does the Mitsubishi Adventure have?

This Adventure is powered by the legendary 2.5-liter 4D56 diesel engine —the naturally aspirated kind. Turbocharged versions of the same engine can be found in other older Mitsubishi models like the Pajero, L200, and even the Montero Sport.

What is the interior of the Mitsubishi Adventure 2017 like?

The Mitsubishi Adventure 2017 interior is closely akin to its exterior when it comes to old-school design. However, that is partially compensated by an eye-soothing color scheme. Simultaneously, aluminum accents are likewise scattered around the cabin, especially on the dash, steering wheel and instrument cluster.

How much does a Mitsubishi Adventure diesel Super Sport cost?

This Mitsubishi Adventure Diesel Super Sport model was produced from 1997-1999 and shared the spot as the top-spec variant along with its petrol-powered AT sibling. At launch, the vehicle was priced at P720,000. The price tag may seem pretty hefty for the time, but take note that this is the top-of-the-line model we’re talking about.

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