Which is the fastest APN for BSNL?

Which is the fastest APN for BSNL?

Click on ‘Network & Internet’ and find ‘Mobile network’ menu. Click on create new APN. Below is the BSNL network APN setting….How to change BSNL APN settings to increase BSNL internet speed.

Telecom Circle MCC MNC
Himachal Pradesh 404 51
Jammu & Kashmir 404 62
Karnataka 404 71

Which BSNL APN is best?

2. Select the SIM card for which you want to apply the BSNL new APN settings. 3. Now, select the Access Point Names or APN option to open internet settings….BSNL APN Settings For Android Devices.

BSNL 4G APN Settings For Android Value
MNC Default
APN Type Default,sulp
APN Protocol IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol IPv4

How can I make my BSNL 4G faster?

APN Settings for BSNL on Windows Phone: Step 1: Open the Settings app and press the “Mobile+GSM” option on your Windows device. Step 2: You need to set the Data roaming option to “Don’t Roam”. Step 3: You have to set the connection speed to ‘4G’ and go back. Now, click on the “APN” option on your Windows device.

What happens after using below APN settings for BSNL?

After using below APN settings for BSNL you will get below-given things: Fast Internet connectivity. BSNL APN settings for the data cards. BSNL Internet settings for Android.

What are the best internet settings for BSNL Internet?

Best BSNL Internet Settings: BSNL APN Names BSNL APN Settings APN protocol IPv6 APN roaming protocol IPv6 PPP call Not set Data bearer Package switched domain

How to setup BSNL MMS 4G APN on Android devices?

When you’re under the mentioned section, Press ADD to add a custom setting. Finally, Restart your android device and apply the APN Settings and wait for few minutes. Now when you’re on the main settings page, Press Advanced and then fill in the BSNL MMS 4G APN details as mentioned below. Hit Save and Restart your device and enjoy a fast network.

What are the features of BSNL 3G enabled SIM card?

BSNL 3G Enabled Sim card. Maintain a main balance of Rs. 0, Pack Required. Speed Up to More than 500 KBps In 7.2 Mbps Modem. Unlimited Download. No speed capping. High speed. Torrent Supported. Disconnection Free. For Android, you need VPN software to set UDP port – 9201. For this use the Droid VPN android app.

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