Which members of One Direction have tattoos?

Which members of One Direction have tattoos?

Niall Horan is the only One Direction member without any tattoos. Niall Horan’s One Direction bandmates; Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson, each have tattoos on almost every one of their body parts. But Niall remains the only 1D star to be un-inked – and there’s a reason he doesn’t have any body art.

Who is Mary on Harry Styles tattoo?

Although we’re not 100 percent sure when he got this one, fans noticed Harry was rocking a new tattoo on his right arm in April 2019. It says the word “Mary,” and it’s believed to be for his grandmother!

Which One Direction member has a 78 tattoo?

Although the One Direction boys seem to favor tiny little scribbles when it comes to inking up their bodies, Louis finally moved on to bigger (although not necessarily better) things when he upped the ante and got his number 78 and “It is what it is” chest tattoos.

Which member of One Direction got a tattoo first?

The first to hit the ink was Harry Styles, who had an outline of a star tattooed on his inner bicep as soon as he reached 18 – and his band mates were quick to follow suit.

What matching tattoo does One Direction have?

Four out of the five band members have matching tattoos. “And then I suppose I just started getting addicted.” Additionally, Tomlinson and Malik have corresponding “Bus 1” tattoos, which are believed to reference the band’s tour bus.

How many tattoos does Zayn have 2021?

The former One Direction member has over 60 ink designs all over his body — that’s right, you heard us right, 60 — and we’re seriously loving them. From the intricate designs on his chest to the small simple ones on his arms, they’re definitely a huge part of him. “I like tattoos, that’s all.

Why does Louis Tomlinson have 78 tattoo?

3. The Chest tattoos. Tattoo: The line, ”It Is What It Is” is tattooed across Louis’ chest and the number 78 on his left pec. Meaning: The 78 on his chest is the house number of his Grandparents whom he adored very much.

What was Louis Tomlinson’s first tattoo?

Louis’ first-ever tattoo was a stick figure skateboarding that he had inked on the inside of his right forearm back in 2012. According to the singer, he got the unique tattoo because of his love for the sport! He explained to Teen VogueOpens in a new Window., “I started with a silly stick man.

How many tattoos does one direction star Harry Styles have?

Ever since One Direction hit the big time back in 2010, Harry has been steadily adding to an ever-growing collection of tattoos and inkings, with everything from song lyrics to tongue-in-cheek artwork. Harry Styles at last count has 52 tattoos!

How old is Harry Styles from one direction?

Harry Edward Styles (born February 1, 1994) is a member of One Direction along with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. He is the youngest member of the group. He is currently signed to Columbia Records as a solo artist. Harry released his debut solo single “Sign Of The Times” on April 7, 2017.

Who is the youngest member of one direction?

Harry Styles. Harry Edward Styles (born February 1, 1994) was a member of One Direction along with Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan . He was the youngest member of the group. He is currently signed to Columbia Records as a solo artist.

What does Harry Styles’ tattoo mean?

One of Harry’s most unique tattoo designs, this one is on his left tricep and depicts a creepy looking skeleton man dressed up in a suit and fedora hat. What does it mean? Your guess is as good as ours! 4. The old-school handshake A symbol of equality, Harry’s handshake tattoo basically makes us love him EVEN more. Harry, you keep representin’! 5.

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