Which of the following is the combination of line graph and bar graph?

Which of the following is the combination of line graph and bar graph?

The combination chart is a visualization that combines the features of the bar chart and the line chart. The combination chart displays the data using a number of bars and/or lines, each of which represent a particular category.

What is a combo chart?

A combo chart is a combination of two column charts, two line graphs, or a column chart and a line graph. You can make a combo chart with a single dataset or with two datasets that share a common string field. Combo charts can answer questions about your data, such as: What are the trends for the same categories?

How do you join two graphs together?

Merge Multiple Graphs

  1. Click on the Rescale button when the Graph 1 in the Arranging Layers subfolder is active.
  2. Select Graph: Merge Graph Windows in the main menu to open the dialog.
  3. Do the following:
  4. Click OK to close the dialog box.

When and why are bar graphs and line graphs used?

Bar graphs use rectangular blocks to represent many different types of data, whereas line graphs use lines and represent trends over time particularly well.

How are line graphs and bar graphs similar?

Line graphs are used to display data or information that changes continuously over time. Line graphs allow us to see overall trends such as an increase or decrease in data over time. Bar graphs are used to compare facts. The bars provide a visual display for comparing quantities in different categories or groups.

How do I combine a line and bar chart in Powerpoint?

In the Insert Chart dialog box, select the Combo tab and then:

  1. Choose Custom Combination chart,
  2. For the second data series, choose Line in the Chart type column and check the Secondary Axis checkbox:

What is a line bar chart?

Bar-Line charts show two metric values aggregated across a group dimension. They are useful for showing quantity alongside changes in trends over time. The chart uses a dual-axis plot, where bars are plotted against the left vertical axis and the line is plotted against the right vertical axis. …

When would you use a combo chart?

Combination charts are a good choice if you want to make a chart with a study that shows data in a different way than the main chart. For example, the main chart below is a line chart showing stock information, while the study is a column chart showing volume of trading.

How do I combine a bar and line graph in Excel 2010?

Excel 2010 – Create a Combo Chart

  1. Select the Cells. Select the cells containing the headings and numbers to be included in the chart.
  2. Insert a Column Chart. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
  3. The Column Chart.
  4. Change One of the Bars (to a Line)
  5. Display the Scale for the Line on Secondary Axis (Optional)

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