Which of the following robots is a parallel robot?

Which of the following robots is a parallel robot?

SCARA robot: The acronym SCARA stands for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm. It is a robot which has two parallel rotary joints to provide compliance in a plane.

What is a parallel robot used for?

3.4. Besides serial kinematics, parallel robots are focused on for handling and assembly tasks. In contrast to serial kinematics, not all joints carry drive engines. The drive engines are usually located at the platform. Therefore, the moved mass is smaller and high-dynamic tasks can be addressed.

What are serial and parallel robots?

In robotics there are basically two kind of kinematics: serial and parallel. Serial robots consist of a sequence of arms whereas parallel robots take effect on the moving tool carrier directly with several prismatic joints. The resulting low moving masses enable both high dynamics and very precise mechanics.

What is a parallel robotic arm?

Also known as parallel robots, these systems are articulated robots that use similar mechanisms for the movement of either the robot on its base, or one or more manipulator arms.

How many joints does a parallel robot have?

Parallel Robot: A robot whose arms (primary axes) have three concurrent prismatic joints.

What are cylindrical robots used for?

Cylindrical robots are used for assembly operations, handling of machine tools and die-cast machines, and spot welding. With its combined rotational joint, two rotary joints, and a linear joint, the spherical robot operates in the polar coordinate system to achieve a spherical-shaped work envelope.

How many degree of freedom robots usually have?

Robotics. Serial and parallel manipulator systems are generally designed to position an end-effector with six degrees of freedom, consisting of three in translation and three in orientation.

What is the commonly used term for a multipurpose robot hand?

Grippers are also known as ‘end-effectors’ or ‘manipulators. ‘ Human hands are prone to error, especially when assigned to repetitive tasks. Robot grippers don’t get tired even when assigned tasks 24/7. Some grippers look just like hands, while others look like a hand with two or three fingers.

What is the Teach tool Fanuc?

The teach pendant is the main user interface for the FANUC robots. It is a handheld device with a color touchscreen, a custom keypad, and various safety devices such as a deadman switch, emergency stop, and enable switch that can be swapped out with a key switch for security.

What is the degree of freedom of Scara robot?

It has 4 degree of freedom The SCARA robot is most commonly used for pick-and-place or assembly operations where high speed and high accuracy is required.

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