Which Programming Language to Pick to Create Games

The video game industry has constantly evolved, and its growth has spiralled in recent times. It is now worth over $200bn worldwide and is expected to go beyond the $300bn mark by the end of 2023. The games have drastically improved from basic arcade games to complex electrifying ones that can appeal to modern gamers. The industry’s success starts from the basics, the game development stage.

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Game development is simply the transformation of game ideas into actual games. It starts from creating the design and concepts to production planning to actual production, testing, release, and maintenance. If any of these steps fail, the entire project will become null and void. Programming plays a vital role in this process. Success depends on the choice of the right programming language and its meticulous execution.

What Are the Elements of a Good Programming Language?

Certain vital features constitute an excellent programming language. They usually depend on the type of project. Video game development specifically has a couple of languages that work optimally. Games are made for different platforms; therefore, the language must suit them all. The main ones include mobiles like Android and iOS, consoles like PlayStation, PC, Virtual Reality, and Web-based platforms. They have different kinds of hardware that must be considered during development.

We rank the programming languages according to specific features, which include the following:

  • Performance;
  • Compatibility with other languages;
  • Ease of use;
  • Memory m

Perhaps, performance is the most critical factor that comes to play when choosing the programming language. It should have the capability to handle real-time rendering and complicated simulations. It should also be robust to support massive volumes of data.

The compatibility, on the other hand, ensures that the language is flexible enough to incorporate other languages to improve specific aspects of the game. Certain languages have undoubted superiority over others in aspects like graphic design and audio. Hence, they can be incorporated for optimal results.

The ease of use is essential because it allows developers to easily interact with it. They usually prefer familiar languages that they can work with to create stellar games. Lastly, memory management should be spot on since big volumes of memory are required and must be handled efficiently.

4 Programming Languages for Game Developers

Let us now take a look top five programming languages according to developers. Most of them work with a number of them, so they are often integrated to produce a fantastic product:

1. C++

This is a golden language that is extensively used across the globe by video game developers. It is premised on the classic C language though it is much more robust and powerful. It is popularly used to develop game engines. Engines like Godot, CryEngine, Buildbox, Source 2, and Unreal Engine are all C++ works.

Besides efficiency, robustness, versatility, and high performance, C++ has in-built tools that assist to develop both 2D and 3D games. It allows developers to work in close proximity to hardware leading to better performance. C++ can also enable you to incorporate other languages for the betterment of certain aspects of the game.

2. JavaScript

This language is ideal for web development. It has enhanced versatility and simplicity making it very easy to work with. It has in-built elements that can be incorporated into games and can be used to make fantastic animations and other innovative features. This language can be used to create games for smartphones, tablets, and web browsers, especially HTML5 games. The engines that were created using JavaScript include Goo Engine, Allegro, and Famo.Us.

3. C#

C# is an excellent language for game development that boasts simplicity and high efficiency. It is widely used in video game scripting, which makes it critical in the creation of game mechanics. The language takes credit for the development of one of the world’s greatest engines, Unity. Many developers have used it to create Virtual Reality (VR), mobile games, and PlayStation games.

4. Python

Python is the ideal programming language when rapid prototyping is required. It also comes with a simplicity that makes it easy for amateur programmers to use. Python is utilized in the creation of game mechanics and logic. It also has a huge game development library called PyGame that provides support for sound and basic graphics. With its inherent flexibility and code readability, Python is certainly a language worth considering.

Choosing the right programming language is a critical step in game development. They all have distinct characteristics that make them ideal for different kinds of projects. These four are so popular among developers though there are others. Pay attention to this for a superb project!

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