Who approves below threshold reprogramming?

Who approves below threshold reprogramming?

060802. Guidelines. A. Below-threshold reprogramming actions are minor actions not otherwise requiring congressional approval that may be accomplished within the DoD Components and are measured cumulatively over the entire obligation availability of the appropriation.

How are funds allowed to be reprogrammed?

Reprogramming is the use of “funds in an appropriations account for purposes other than those contemplated at the time of appropriation.” Specifically, when an agency reprograms funds, it is moving funds within an appropriation (i.e. from one “budget activity” to another “budget activity”).

What does reprogramming permit the Department of Defense?

19Q: Reprogramming permits the DoD to: 19A: Use funds for purposes other than those originally intended by Congress. 20Q: Realignment of funds between activities that are below the level of control for that appropriations category does not require a reprogramming action.

What is omnibus reprogramming?

During FY 1991, the concept of an “omnibus” reprogramming action (prior approval) was initiated to streamline the reprogramming process for the congressional committees and the Department. The following defines those actions requiring prior congressional approval or congressional notification.

What limitations can prevent an agency from offering various programs?

An agency’s ability to reprogram may be restricted by including “limiting provisions” within its annual appropriations acts or other statutes. In addition, an agency may not reprogram funds if doing so would violate any other provisions of law.

What is a no year appropriation?

No Year Appropriations — Appropriations available for obligations for an indefinite period of time without fiscal year limitation. They are available until they are used up.

What is the Defense contract management agency DCMA responsible for providing?

A: DCMA is a Department of Defense combat support agency responsible for ensuring the integrity of contractual processes and providing a broad range of contract-procurement management services for America’s warfighters.

What does the execution phase of financial management occur?

The execution phase occurs when appropriated funds are spent on defense programs.

What is congressional prior approval reprogramming?

Reprogramming actions requiring notification to congressional committees (DD 1415-2) are actions involving changes in the application of funds within an appropriation in amounts (thresholds) greater than those agreed upon between the committees and the Department, as follows: 1.

What is DoD omnibus?

The 2021 omnibus provides $696 billion in new, non-emergency discretionary spending for the Defense Department, a $2.6 billion bump over the previous year’s levels.

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