Who founded PVH?

Who founded PVH?

Moses Phillips
PVH (company)

Formerly Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (until 2011)
Industry Clothing
Founded 1881
Founder Moses Phillips John Van Heusen Dramin Jones
Headquarters Manhattan, New York City , United States

When was PVH established?


Who owns PVH Corp?

Manny Chirico
Manny Chirico is Chairman of PVH Corp., owner of an iconic family of brands including Calvin Klein, TOMMY HILFIGER and Warrner’s.

What is the slogan of PVH?

We power brands that drive fashion forward – for good.

Is PVH a good company to work for?

Good company to work with & great culture! Our associates are one of our top priorities, so we’re glad you thought PVH was a great place to work!

What do you know about PVH?

PVH is one of the world’s largest and most admired fashion companies, connecting with consumers in over 40 countries. Our global iconic brands include Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER. Our 140-year history is built on the strength of our brands, our team and our commitment to drive fashion forward for good.

What is the slogan of PVH education?

Who is the CFO of PVH?

Mike Shaffer
Mike Shaffer is Executive Vice President, Chief Operating & Financial Officer for PVH.

What is PVH known for?

Is PVH ethical?

The Company is committed to upholding the highest moral, legal and ethical standards in all aspects of its business and requires each officer, director and associate to act with integrity in his or her dealings on behalf of the Company, including with Company associates, customers, suppliers, service providers, other …

Does PVH own Speedo?

PVH Corp. Pentland Group, which also owns the Berghaus, Canterbury, Ellesse and SeaVees brands, acquired Speedo in 1991 and directly and through partnership with licensees like PVH has since developed it into the world’s leading performance swimwear brand. Pentland will now operate the Speedo businesses worldwide.

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