Who is Arin in Trinity Seven?

Who is Arin in Trinity Seven?

Arin Kannazuki (神無月 アリン, Kannazuki Arin) is the Trinity Seven of the Ira archive and a user of Chaotic Rune magic, whose appearance is strikingly similar to Arata’s childhood friend Hijiri. Furthermore, she is also the Magic King’s partner, becoming an early ally and later close friend to Arata.

Does Arata get his power back?

It took awhile, but he regained his Magic King Element (Chapter 82). Deus Trinity just gave it to him, and also gave him 3 days to prepare for the final fight. Deus Trinity only say it’s a curse that will kill Arata in three days.

Does Akio like Arata?

After Arata defeated Abyss, she would gratefully thank him, together with meeting the spirit of her mother one last time. Since then, Akio has fallen in love with Arata, saying that it’s fun being with him and calling him her “beloved.”

Who is Arata Kasuga father?

Despite being a Demon Lord Candidate, both of Arata’s parents were normal people without magic. Although, the brother of Arata’s father, Hijiri’s father, including Hijri and her mother, were actually Magus’.

Does Lilith like Arata?

Out of the Trinity Seven, Lilith is probably the closest to Arata and interacts with him the most. However, despite her frustrations, Lilith deeply respects and cares for Arata, willing to support and protect him.

Will Trinity 7 have a Season 2?

Originally, season two of Trinity Seven was due to air in April 2019. Yet due to unprecedented circumstances, the second installment is put on hold. There are speculations that Trinity Seven’s sequel would drop by late 2021 or early 2022 on streaming platforms.

Is Arata in love with hijiri?

Arata Kasuga Hijiri, in particular, possesses romantic feelings towards her cousin in spite of his perverted and nonchalant nature. As such, she can become jealous of his interactions with his female companions.

Who likes Arata?

Levi Kazama – Lilith seems to be excellent friends with Levi. Like Arata, Levi tends to do many perverted things, such as touching and groping Lilith’s breasts from time to time. It is shown just like the rest of the Trinity Seven they have romantic feelings for Arata.

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