Who is Mr Antolini and what is his relationship with Holden?

Who is Mr Antolini and what is his relationship with Holden?

Mr. Antolini is Holden’s all-time favorite teacher. He has not only become a friend of Holden’s, but has also developed a relationship with Holden’s entire family. When Holden calls him late at night and needs help, Mr.

Why does Holden flunk out of school?

Holden was the manager of the fencing team at Pencey. He says he was being kicked out because he was flunking four classes and not applying himself. Holden later explains that he also left Whooton School and Elkton Hills. He says he left because he was surrounded by phonies and that he hated the school.

Why does Holden want to see Antolini?

For, Holden fears adulthood, and he wishes to “catch” and hold the children in their young state; likewise, he hopes Mr. Antolini can “catch” him as he spirals downward in his own fears of adulthood.

How many times was Holden kicked out of school?

Holden has been kicked out of at least three schools, but it’s not clear whether he was kicked out of the others.

What sort of talk does Mr Antolini have with Holden and how is it similar to the conversation with Mr Spencer?

Antolini have with Holden about his flunking out? How is that similar or different to the lecture from Mr. Spencer? They have a serious talk, and he thinks that Holden shouldn’t be flunking out.

Why is Holden Judgemental?

He starts out as the type of person who can’t stand “phony” people. He believes that his school and everyone in it is phony, so he leaves early. By the end of the story, Holden realizes he doesn’t like the type of person he has become, so he reverts into an idealist; a negative, judgmental person.

What does Mr Spencer do that annoys Holden?

What did Spencer do that particularly annoyed Holden? Holden was annoyed by how Spencer always yelled and by how he read his essay and called it garbage. Holden means that even though his grammar and reading skills aren’t very good, he still reads a lot of books. He reads advanced classics like Ring Laudner.

Is Holden himself guilty of being a phony?

Holden is guilty of being a phony! He spends so much time throughout the novel calling other people phonies. Well, Holden constantly acts like he is older than he really is. He always tells himself that he can fool people to believe he is older, so that he may do adult things, like buy a drink.

Is Ackley a phony?

Holden uses his favorite word phony many times when he talks about Ackley. Ackley always barges into Holden’s room and does annoying and gross things such as clipping his toenails all over Holden’s floor. Holden definitely knows this, and he calls Ackley a bigger phony for it.

Who does Holden think is not a phony?

Could that be the reason Holden has been kicked out of four different boarding schools for academic failure? Holden likes Selma Thurmer, the daughter of the headmaster of Pencey Prep, but he thinks her father, Dr. Thurmer, is a ‘phony slob. ‘ After meeting Holden’s parents, Dr.

What does Mr Spencer want to speak with Holden about?

Mr. Spencer speaks frankly with Holden about his poor academic performance. Holden takes Mr. Spencer’s speech in stride, but internally he rails against his teacher’s insistence that “Life is a game” and that he must learn to follow the rules.

Why is Mr Haas a phony?

Haas, a businessman named Ossenburger, insincere handshakes and anything else done for show or half-heartedly, models and movies, and even Lieutenant Henry of A Farewell to Arms and the book itself—he describes all these as “phony.” His view of them as hypocritical, dishonest, or fake colors his perception of growing …

How many times does the word phony appear in Catcher in the Rye?

The word phony is used thirty-five times by the main character, Holden Caulfield, in The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger.

What is Mr Antolini trying to tell Holden?

Antolini cuts the tension, bringing coffee for Holden and Mr. He tells Holden that he is worried about him because he seems primed for a major fall, a fall that will leave him frustrated and embittered against the rest of the world, particularly against the sort of boys he hated at school.

What reason does Holden give for being a virgin?

Holden is extremely lonely and nervous, and he is stressed out at this point and has other things on his mind. Aside from being worried about losing his virginity to a prostitute, Holden chooses to not have sex with Sunny, because he is too depressed and upset with life.

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