Who is Terry Gross husband?

Who is Terry Gross husband?

Francis Davism. 1994
Terry Gross/Husband
Gross has been married to Francis Davis, jazz critic of The Village Voice, since 1994. They have been together since 1978. Davis is Catholic, and Gross is Jewish, but neither is practicing.

How tall is Terry Gross?

4 feet 11 inches tall
To movie theaters, she brings a bag of pillows; at 4 feet 11 inches tall, she has often described herself as ”smaller than life.

Who fills in Terry Gross?

Dave Davies is a guest host for NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. In addition to his role at Fresh Air, Davies is a senior reporter for WHYY in Philadelphia. Prior to WHYY, he spent 19 years as a reporter and columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, covering government and politics.

Does Terry Gross still host fresh air?

Fresh Air is an American radio talk show broadcast on National Public Radio stations across the United States since 1985. It is produced by WHYY-FM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show’s host is Terry Gross….Fresh Air.

Genre Interview
Website www.npr.org/programs/fresh-air/

How old is Terry Gross of fresh air?

Terry Gross, 67, is the host and executive producer of NPR’s “Fresh Air,” which she began hosting locally in Philadelphia in 1975.

How long has Terry Gross been on NPR?

Terry Gross and Fresh Air staff celebrating its first anniversary as a national program in 1988. Terry and A Prairie Home Companion’s Garrison Keillor in the late 1980s.

How old is Terry Gross fresh air?

Does Ira Glass have a kid?

They don’t have any kids. The radio and TV host said during a March 17 broadcast of his show that the media power couple had “separated a few years ago.” Divorce papers were filed in April. Glass, 58, had suggested that there were marital problems with Alani, 46, far before this disclosure.

Does Terry Gross still host Fresh Air?

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