Who is the president of Southern Methodist University?

Who is the president of Southern Methodist University?

R. Gerald Turner
Southern Methodist University/Presidents

Is Southern Methodist University prestigious?

The prestigious new U.S. News & World Report’s new 2021 Best Colleges report is out, and Dallas’ Southern Methodist University has landed in the top 100 nationally — although a few places down from last year. 64 national ranking in 2020. …

Is Southern Methodist University a party school?

Playboy Says SMU Has the Nation’s Best Nightlife, is a “Never-Ending House Party” “We took America’s top 100 colleges and ranked them across 900 data points in three categories: sex, sports, and nightlife.” Throw them in a blender and, voila, you have a list of party schools that is 100-percent unassailable.

How much does Gerald Turner make?

As the Independent Director of Kronos Worldwide, the total compensation of R Turner at Kronos Worldwide is $80,965.

How much does the president of SMU make?

Since 1995, Turner has served as the President of Southern Methodist University. He helped lead the school’s efforts to attract the George W. Bush Presidential Center, to be located on the SMU campus. In 2016, he earned $3.3 million, and was the third-highest-paid of all U.S. private-university presidents.

How difficult is SMU?

SMU is challenging. The Professors are wonderful and have such a passion for what they teach. Most classes are small, with only 20-30 students in each class. Some of the freshamn level classes are bigger, but for the most part, the classes are small and there is a lot of student participation in the classes.

Is SMU conservative?

Niche rates Southern Methodist University as having the 18th most conservative students among the surveyed schools. SMU has an undergraduate student body of 6,411, and maintains an 11 to 1 student to faculty ratio.

How much does the chancellor of Washington University make?

How much does a Chancellor make in Washington? The average Chancellor salary in Washington is $305,493 as of November 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $248,337 and $368,651.

What does SMU president make?

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