Who is the singer in Farinelli movie?

Who is the singer in Farinelli movie?

Production. Although Dionisi provided the speaking voice (originally in French), Farinelli’s singing voice was given by the Polish soprano Ewa Malas-Godlewska and the American countertenor Derek Lee Ragin, who were recorded separately and then digitally merged to recreate the sound of a castrato.

What is the movie Farinelli about?

Carlo (Stefano Dionisi) and Riccardo Broschi (Enrico Lo Verso) are a brother act: Ricardo is a composer who writes the music and Carlo a castrato who sings it beautifully. But Carlo is clearly the more talented of the two, and soon becomes wildly famous — first in Italy and then throughout Europe — as the legendary castrato Farinelli. Riccardo takes to managing his celebrity sibling, but, when the composer Handel (Jeroen Krabbé) begins working with Farinelli, Riccardo’s resentment surfaces.
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Is Farinelli a true story?

“Farinelli″ is based on the true story of the Broschi brothers. The film opens when Carlo, a gifted 8-year-old, is singing happily in the church choir. In Italy, the castration of young, usually poor choir boys was common. Few families ever admitted they deliberately had their sons castrated for financial reward.

Did Handel meet Farinelli?

George Frideric Handel was also keen to engage Farinelli for his company in London, and while in Venice in January 1730, tried unsuccessfully to meet him. In 1731, Farinelli visited Vienna for a third time.

What language is Farinelli in?


Can castrati have children?

Most of those whose voices remained ended up in church jobs. Others lost their voices completely and, forbidden to marry, many found a career in the priesthood. They were forbidden to marry because the Church held that the purpose of marriage was to create children, and castrati could not become fathers.

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