Who is ZDoggMD?

Who is ZDoggMD?

Who Is ZDoggMD? Reaching tens of millions weekly, Dr. Zubin Damania leads a passionate tribe of healthcare professionals towards a vision of Health 3.0, with in-depth conversations with medical thought leaders, merciless and uncensored satire, and takedowns of pseudoscientific nonsense spread by celebrities in the lay media.

Who is the YouTube rapping sensation ZDoggMD?

Primary care physician Michael Rakotz, MD, director of chronic disease prevention with the AMA’s Improving Health Outcomes initiative, sat down with Zubin Damania, MD, to talk about burnout, discuss EHRs and find out how he came to be the YouTube rapping sensation ZDoggMD. Dr. Rakotz: “When did you first realize that you were facing burnout?”

Will you still have zdogg when you die?

You will always have ZDOGG there to humor you from your death bed. 2) Damania rants and raves about the futility of advising people about healthier lifestyles because people continue to smoke despite warning messages about the health risks.

What happened to Dr Dogg from Turntable Health?

He has a large following for his zany songs and antics that began while he became “burned out and depressed” during his medical career. His main activity now seems to be doing anything for a laugh, particularly since Turntable Health closed January 31, 2017. What’s my beef with the Dogg?

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