Who owns prophetic channel?

Who owns prophetic channel?

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Prophetic TV Channel which was founded by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader and senior Prophet of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church who is popular for his “Go Deeper” autograph is re-launching this Friday, October 10 in Dares Salaam, Tanzania.

How much is Shepherd Bushiri worth?

In 2017, the preacher bought a Maserati Levante for his daughter, Israella, and a Mercedes Benz G Class for his wife on their birthdays. Prophet Bushiri’s net worth is $150 million.

Who is the sharpest prophet in the world?

Shepherd Bushiri also known as Major 1 is a Malawian Christian preacher, self proclaimed prophet, businessman, motivational speaker, and author….

Shepherd Bushiri
Residence Malawi
Spouse Mary Bushiri
Occupation Preacher, motivational speaker, author, businessman
Education Moyale Secondary School Therapon University

Where is Prophet Bushiri live now?

Shepherd Bushiri
Nationality Malawian
Denomination Christian
Residence Malawi
Spouse Mary Bushiri

Is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri a billionaire?

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been named by the popular Drum Magazine of South Africa as a billionaire.

What is Pastor Alph Lukau net worth?

Alph Lukau Net Worth He has an estimated net worth of around $1 billion dollars. This makes him one of the richest pastors in South Africa today.

Where is Prophet Bushiri now?

Controversial Malawian businessman and prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who escaped South Africa after criminal charges were laid against him, is now preaching in China.

Where can I get the latest videos from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri?

Subscribe to the Channel to get the latest videos from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri by clicking this link : https://bit.ly/3h2BRFq Prophetic Channel-God is still speaking today An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

What is the Shepherd Bushiri app?

Access live and on demand video messages from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as well as other content through this app. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) and the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International.

Is Prophet Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian church in South Africa?

Prophet Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Church is the world’s fastest growing church in the world today. He has got millions of followers who see a God in home. When newafrican media house interviewed Prophet Bushiri in South Africa, he has spoken open heartedly.

Can Shepherd Bushiri win 2 million souls for Jesus in 2018?

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has dreamt of achieving 2 million souls for Jesus Christ in 2018. And he was in Abuja, Nigeria on Friday, where he was welcomed like a God himself. Bushiri announced the global Prophetic tour early in January meant to fulfill his churches 2018 agenda of winning 2 million souls for Jesus.


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