Who regulates hospitals in NYS?

Who regulates hospitals in NYS?

The New York State Department of Health
The New York State Department of Health is dedicated to ensuring quality health care in all of the State’s health care facilities.

What is Article 28 New York State?

Article 28 is a New York State public health law which recognizes and regulates the accreditation of public health care facilities. These facilities include: hospitals. nursing homes.

What is Article 28 space?

New Law Allows New York Article 28 Clinics to Provide Off-Site Primary Care Services. The law amends Public Health Law ยง2803 to allow house calls when a patient who is in need of services is unable to travel on-site as a result of a temporary or ongoing medical condition.

What is the difference between Article 28 and Article 31?

Article 28: Up to 10,000 visits or 30% of annual visits may be Article 31 services. Article 31/32: Up to 5% of annual visits may be Article 28 primary care services; may not provide dental services. Article 28, 31, or 32 services may be added to the primary license, comprising up to 49% of annual visits.

What classifies a general hospital is the?

A general hospital is a hospital that does not specialize in the treatment of particular illnesses or patients.

What is an Article 31 Clinic?

New York State Office of Mental Health-licensed behavioral health clinics (Article 31 clinics) are frequently the first intervention for New Yorkers with mental illness.

What is an Article 16 Clinic?

ARTICLE 16 CLINICS These outpatient clinics provide a variety of medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

What is an Article 32 facility?

Article 32 – (32.01 – 32.39) REGULATION AND QUALITY CONTROL OF CHEMICAL DEPENDENCE SERVICES AND COMPULSIVE GAMBLING SERVICES. (a) No provider of services or facility providing chemical dependence services shall be established except with the written approval of the commissioner.

What is the major difference between a general hospital and a specialty hospital?

The specialty hospitals attribute the disparity to operational functions; general hospitals serve of a wide variety of conditions while specialty hospitals are targeted to a specific service line. “The biggest single difference is overhead.

What is the difference between Central hospital and General Hospital?

Central Hospital They offer service just like a general hospital but in more advanced level with advanced intensive care. They may be found in same town or city where a central hospital is located. Staffs are similar with that of a general hospital but are mainly the specialist in their various fields.

What is an Article 31 facility in NYS?

Pursuant to Article 31 of the NYS Mental Hygiene Law, the Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health has the authority and responsibility to set standards for the quality and adequacy of facilities and programs that provide services for the treatment and recovery of persons who suffer from mental illness.

What is an Article 16 Clinic in NYS?

Article 16 Clinics are OPWDD-certified treatment facilities that provide clinical services to individuals with developmental disabilities as well as to those caregivers and other support staff whose participation in the service is deemed necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment, enable the individual to …

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