Who should lead the alternate squad in Mass Effect 2?

Who should lead the alternate squad in Mass Effect 2?

Once the choice is made, Miranda will say that while Shepard will lead one squad, someone else must lead a second squad to serve as a diversion. She volunteers to do so, but you can choose any other squad member. Ideal: Garrus, Miranda, or Jacob.

Is Tali a Squadmate in me2?

Like Garrus, Tali’Zorah is the other returning squadmate from Mass Effect 1. She’s a Quarian engineer, and is recruited during the mission Dossier – Tali, then made loyal during Tali – Treason. She is a romance option for male Shepard.

How do you get all the squad members in Mass Effect 2?

Recruiting Legion – All Mass Effect 2 Squad Members Legion can be recruited after completing the mission Reaper IFF. You must complete the mission in its entirety, and, after it’s over, must choose not to turn Legion over to Cerberus and instead keep it on the ship with you.

Can grunt lead the diversion team?

Grunt is good at holding the line, not leading the diversion team. Only non-loyal/loyal Miranda, loyal Garrus and loyal Jacob will survive as the diversion team leader if you still have at least 3 people alive by then.

Is Kasumi a good party member Mass Effect 2?

Kasumi has Overload, immediately making her useful for dealing with mass enemy shields, but it’s her two other active powers that set her apart as a unique and versatile addition to Shepard’s team. Her exclusive Shadow Strike ability is capable of dealing more single-target damage than any other squadmate power.

When did Mass Effect 2 alternate outfits come out?

The first Alternate Appearance Pack for Mass Effect 2 was released on March 23, 2010, and the second pack was released on February 8, 2011. The alternate outfits included do not require a character’s loyalty mission to have been completed for squadmates to use them.

Can you choose your squad in Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect 3. In Mass Effect 3, Shepard can only choose the squad when leaving to go on a mission. Shepard explores the Citadel alone but can encounter squadmates on the Citadel as well as some former crew members from the Normandy. In Mass Effect 3, the squad screen functions are much like those in Mass Effect 2.

How do you revive squadmates in Mass Effect 2?

In Mass Effect downed squadmates can be manually revived in a few ways: The Unity ability (Shepard must have Spectre Training to unlock this). Getting into the M35 Mako will cause squadmates to automatically be revived inside the vehicle at a low level of health.

What is in Mass Effect 3 Alternate Appearance Pack 1?

Alternate Appearance Pack 1 for Mass Effect 3 was released on November 20, 2012. The outfits and armor are immediately available upon downloading the pack. The pack includes three new outfits, one each for squadmates Garrus Vakarian, Liara T’Soni, and EDI, as well as the Cerberus Ajax Armor set for Commander Shepard.

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