Who talked the most trash in the NBA?

Who talked the most trash in the NBA?

While Reggie Miller is the one most remembered for trash-talking in the playoff battles between the Pacers and Knicks, Starks more than held his own in those duels.

Was Kobe Bryant a trash talker?

Lakers: Kobe Bryant was one of the best trash talkers of all-time – Silver Screen and Roll.

What language did Kobe learn to trash talk?

The entire game, the two teams were going back-and-forth. And in terms of trash-talking, Kobe and Scola got into it during the first quarter itself. Bryant, who had picked up Spanish because of his wife Vanessa, decided to talk trash in Luis’ native language.

Who are the most famous trash talkers in NBA history?

Don’t tell us how you feel or anything. Often discussed as one of the most famous trash talkers in NBA history, Reggie Miller had an incredible knack for getting under people’s skin.

Why is trash talk so common in basketball?

Trash talk happens in every sport, but basketball takes it to a whole new level of intensity. Something about the physical nature of the game, the proximity to the opponent and the crowd, and the constant one-on-one battles cause players to do whatever they can to get in an opponent’s head.

What are some of the best trash talk lines in sports?

The 50 Best Trash Talk Lines in Sports History 1. Muhammad Ali’s Victory Plans 2. Moses Malone’s Epic Declaration 49 of 50 ” Fo ‘, fo ‘, fo. ” The league MVP promising three sweeps in a row en route… 3. Shannon Sharpe Takes over the World 48 of 50 “I’ll call the President. President, we need the

Are You a good trash talker?

In fact, just about the only way to be a good trash talker is to be able to light it up on the court. If not, well, you’re a bad trash talker. There’s hardly anything more embarrassing on the basketball court than talking trash and getting schooled.

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