Who was a famous funk artist?

Who was a famous funk artist?

The best funk artists of all time

  • James Brown. JamesBrownVevo. 107K subscribers.
  • Sly Stone. SlyATFamilyStoneVEVO. 15.3K subscribers.
  • Joe Tex. FunkSoBrudda. 51.1K subscribers.
  • George Clinton. 1mistaGROOVE.
  • War. sHyGiRlZ310oLdIeZ.
  • Ohio Players. soulbrothanumbahone.
  • Isley Brothers. townesphd.
  • Graham Central Station. AuntieSoul34.

What was funk in the 70s?

Musically, funk refers to a style of aggressive urban dance music driven by hard syncopated bass lines and drumbeats and accented by any number of instruments involved in rhythmic counterplay, all working toward a “groove.” The disco music of the late 1970s evolved from the rhythmic and social foundation of funk.

Who is the most famous funk singer?


  • 1 Aretha Franklin72%
  • 2 Stevie Wonder72%
  • 3 The Temptations72%
  • 4 Marvin Gaye68%
  • 5 The Supremes67%
  • 6 Earth, Wind & Fire66%
  • 7 James Brown66%
  • 8 Lionel Richie62%

Which is the name of a famous funk R&B band from the 1970’s?

great collection of funk from the 1970’s includes Slade, Chaka Khan, B.T. Express, Kool and the Gang, and others. If you remember this music you can still groove on it. My favorite is still the Ohio Players, they were the funkiest of the bunch.

Who is the greatest funk band of all time?

Any list of funk bands must include the likes of George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, Teena Marie, Kool & the Gang, Herbie Hancock and the Isley Brothers. These funk bands are widely known as some of the best in all of funk music and with good reason.

Who were the pioneers of funk?

Funk originated in the mid-1960s, with James Brown’s development of a signature groove that emphasized the downbeat—with heavy emphasis on the first beat of every measure (“The One”), and the application of swung 16th notes and syncopation on all basslines, drum patterns, and guitar riffs—and rock and psychedelia- …

Who is the greatest Funk band of all time?

Who is the best Funk music?

Here are the best funk songs to get your guests onto the dance floor.

  • One Nation Under A Groove – Funkadelic.
  • Ain’t We Funkin’ Now – The Brothers Johnson.
  • It’s Your Thing – The Isley Brothers.
  • Shining Star – Earth, Wind & Fire.
  • Super Freak Pt.
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars.
  • Brick House – Commodores.

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