Who was the Salem Slasher?

Who was the Salem Slasher?

André DiMera
Classification Past; guest
Other names Tony DiMera Salem Slasher
Occupation Businessman Mobster

Who was the Salem killer in Days of Our Lives?

One of Days’ most outrageous storylines of all time was the Salem Stalker. Viewers were shocked when Marlena was revealed to be the serial killer, who murdered about 10 of Days’ most beloved characters. However, Marlena had been brainwashed by Andre DiMera who was posing as his lookalike cousin Tony.

Who is EJ DiMera’s father?

Stefano DiMera
John Black
EJ DiMera/Father

How old is John Black on Days of Our Lives?

John Black
Alias Ryan Brady (birth name) Forrest Alamain (adopted name) John Stevens Roman Brady The Pawn Father John Black (as a priest)
Date of birth 1953 (age 67–68)
Occupation Current Owner of Basic Black
Residence Salem, USA

What happened to the old EJ?

EJ reunites with Sami, but presumably dies after being shot by his disloyal bodyguard hired by rival Clyde Weston. However, Kristen reveals in 2017 that EJ is alive, and Susan and Sami are reunited with him the following year. EJ then returns to Salem in June 2021.

Who is Eileen Davidson’s husband?

Vincent Van Pattenm. 2003
Jon Lindstromm. 1997–2000Christopher Mayerm. 1985–1986
Eileen Davidson/Husband
Since 2003, Davidson has been married to actor, former tennis professional and World Poker Tour commentator Vincent Van Patten.

Is John Black leaving Days of Our Lives?

This Friday, January 23, John and Marlena will officially leave Salem. He eventually learned that he was not Roman Brady and began calling himself John Black. …

Is Drake Hogestyn married?

Victoria Postm. 1986
Drake Hogestyn/Spouse

What is wrong with John on Days of Our Lives?

Marlena felt obligated to Alex, at least until John discovered he was a fraud who was plotting to marry and then murder her! Their reunion was cut short, however, when Stefano had EJ DiMera shoot John! He eventually came out of his coma only to die in Marlena’s arms after being hit by a car!

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