Who won the Carling Cup final in 2010?

Who won the Carling Cup final in 2010?

Manchester United
The match, played at Wembley Stadium on 28 February 2010, was won by Manchester United, who beat Aston Villa 2–1. Aston Villa took the lead in the fifth minute of the game, via a James Milner penalty kick, but Michael Owen equalised for Manchester United seven minutes later.

Who won the Carling Cup final in 2009?

Manchester United F.C.
2009 Football League Cup Final/Champion

Is Carling Cup Semi Final 2 legs?

What is the format? Unlike last season, the semi-finals of the EFL Cup will revert back to its usual two-legged format. It means the side drawn out first will be at home in the first leg.

Who has won the Carling Cup most?

Liverpool FC
Number of Football League Cup titles from 1961 to 2021, by team

Characteristic Number of titles
Liverpool FC 8
Manchester City 8
Aston Villa 5
Chelsea FC 5

Who is in the EFL Cup final?

It was the 61st EFL Cup Final and the 14th to be played at the rebuilt Wembley Stadium….2021 EFL Cup Final.

Manchester City captain Fernandinho lifts the trophy.
Event 2020–21 EFL Cup
Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur 1 0
Date 25 April 2021
Venue Wembley Stadium, London

Who won the carabao Cup 2008?

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
2007–08 Football League Cup/Champion

Is Carabao Cup semi 2 legs?

Both semi-finals are scheduled to take place over two legs – with the first of each played in the week commencing 3 January 2022. The deciding legs will take place in the week commencing 10 January, with the final at Wembley on 27 February.

Does EFL Cup have two legs?

The Carabao Cup is the EFL’s showpiece cup competition and is one of the three major honours of the domestic football season. Beginning each August, it features all Clubs from the EFL and Premier League in a straight knock-out format across seven rounds, with the semi-finals being played over two legs.

Is the EFL cup 2 legs?

Four of the top teams in the Premier League will do battle over two legs for the Carabao Cup. Also known as the League Cup or EFL Cup, it is the first major trophy awarded in the English football season and one of three major domestic titles in England alongside the Premier League and FA Cup.

Who won the carabao Cup 2006?

2005-06 Football League Cup/Champion

What is the Football League Cup 2010/11?

The 2010–11 Football League Cup (known as the Carling Cup for sponsorship reasons) was the 51st season of the Football League Cup, a knock-out competition for the top 92 football clubs played in English football league system. The winners were granted a place in the 2011–12 UEFA Europa League.

What is the prize money for the Carling Cup?

The prize money is awarded by the Football League. The winners of the League Cup won £100,000 and the runners-up won £50,000. The losing semi-finalists each took home £25,000. ^ “2009/10 Carling Cup Dates Revealed”.

Who won the 2010 FA Cup semi-final?

The semi-final draw took place on 1 December 2010, after the completion of the Fifth Round matches. The first leg matches were played the week commencing 10 January 2011, with the second legs a fortnight later. Arsenal won 3–1 on aggregate. Birmingham City won 4–3 on aggregate.

How much did the 2010 League Cup Winners get paid?

The final was played at Wembley Stadium, London, on Sunday, 28 February 2010. ( pen.) The prize money is awarded by the Football League. The winners of the League Cup won £100,000 and the runners-up won £50,000. The losing semi-finalists each took home £25,000.

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