Why did Lencho call the employees a bunch of crooks?

Why did Lencho call the employees a bunch of crooks?

The employees of the postal department were not crooks but they had in fact collected the money to give Lencho and help him out. Lencho called the post office employees a bunch of crooks as he thought that they stole a part of the money(30 pesos from 100)when it was them who sent the money.

Who is the writer of Letter to God?

G.L. Fuentes

What is the message of the story a letter to God?

Theme of the Story: The story discusses the power of innocent faith in God by a man and how is able to accomplish his want through it. The story ends with an irony. The story talks about Lencho, the main character who is a farmer and has immense faith in God.

How did the postman help Lencho?

Answer. After seeing Lencho’s letter, the postmaster is deeply touched by the strong faith of Lencho in the God. The postmaster collects money from his colleagues and sends some money to Lencho. But the money sent by the postmaster is less than what the Lencho had demanded through his letter.

What is the irony in the lesson a letter to God?

In the lesson “a Letter to God”, the irony is that Lencho’s field is destroyed due to a hailstorm and his family and he have no food for the rest of the year. Because, of his immense faith in God, he writes a letter to God beseeching him that God send him a hundred pesos, so that he can sow his land again.

What is the moral lesson of a letter to God?

Answer: The moral of the story ‘The Letter to god’ is that extreme faith in the almighty can give you a ray of hope even in the darkest times.

How did Lencho send the letter?

Answer: lencho went to the post office at the town. On Sunday morning placed a stamp on the letter and dropped it into the mailbox.

What did Lencho asked God for in his letter?

Lencho wrote in his letter to God that he badly needed one hundred pesos to sow his fields again and for his family to live until the crop. He went to town placed a stamp on the envelope and dropped it into the mailbox at the post-office.

How was Lencho helped?

Answer: The postmaster was determined to help Lencho. He did not want Lencho’s faith in God to be shaken so he asked his employees and friends to help Lencho. He also contributed a part of his salary for this act of charity.

Who is the main character of a letter to God?


What do you learn from the story answer?

A theme is the message, or lesson, that the reader learns by reading the story. Sometimes a story has a particular kind of message, known as a moral. A moral is a type of message that teaches a reader a life lesson, such as what is right or wrong, how to make decisions, or how to treat other people.

What did Lencho ask from God and why?

The rain with large hailstorm had ruined Lencho’s field of ripe corn. So he was sad. His only hope was—help from God. So he asked God for money.

Who did send seventy pesos to Lencho?

The postmaster was a kind and gentle human being. He did not want Lencho’s faith in God to waver. Therefore, apart from contributing himself, he collected money from his office colleagues, friends, etc. Thus, he was able to collect seventy pesos for Lencho.

How did the postmaster collect money for Lencho answer?

Explanation:The postmaster is a generous man and wanted to help lencho so as not to shake his faith in God . The postmaster collected money from his employees , contributed a part of his salary and requested several of his friends to give him money as an act of charity . This way he managed to collect seventy pesos.

What did Lencho asked God for?

Lencho asks God for money as he had lost everything and till the crop comes back his family will go hungry for one year. Lencho had asked for 100 pesos where he received only 70 pesos.

Who helped Lencho?

The postmaster that helped of lencho and ,,the postmaster can decided the collect money and take to lencho…… Answer: When Postmaster saw the letter he could not believe that someone had such a faith he didn’t want lenchos faith to be broken so he collected some money….

What made Lencho angry?

Lencho became angry when he counted the money that God had sent him. He found that the money amounted to seventy pesos only whereas he had asked for hundred pesos. He believed that the post office employees have stolen the rest of the amount because God could never make a mistake.

Why did the postmaster send only 70 pesos to Lencho?

The postmaster didn’t want to shake the writer’s faith in God and so decided to help him. It needed something more than goodwill. So he collected money from his employees and himself contributed a part of the salary. He could collect only seventy pesos.

How did Lencho predict rain?

How was Lencho sure that it was going to rain? Answer: Lencho knew his fields intimately and he could predict the weather by looking at the sky. His experienced eyes saw clouds and he predicted rain.

What did the postmaster need to answer the letter how did he collect it how did Lencho react to it?

This made postmaster to write a letter to lencho. Then he parted of his salary and collected money from his employees. He put the entire money into an envelope and sent it to lencho signing himself god. That’s how he collected the money.

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Why did Lencho ask help from God did he receive it?

Lencho need help from God because his crops was totally destroyed by hailstone. He thought that God would help only help him in this situation. He had unshaken faith in God . So he decided to wrote letter to God .

Who was the writer of chapter a letter to God?

How did the employees help Lencho?

Answer: Post office employees help lencho by collecting 1 pesos from everyone in the post office and they able to collect only 70 pesos. When lencho got only 70 out of 100 pesos he shocked that why god give only 70 pesos. Lencho thought that postal dapartment employees take his 30 pesos.

Who wrote a letter to God and why?

A Letter to God is a story written by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes, a Mexican writer, who was one of the most important chroniclers of the Mexican Revolution and its effects. The story presents the infinite faith of a man to God.

What is the conclusion of the story a letter to God?

Conclusion of story is that Humans don’t trust over humans as we can see. in lecture that lencho didn’t trusted post office employees he thought that postofficers had took his some amount of money but the reality was that postofficers collected money for lencho.

What are the qualities of Lencho?

Lencho was a farmer. He was not so poor and not so rich farmer. He was having a great faith in God….

  • Lencho was a hard working farmer.(lick an ox)
  • He had deep faith in God.
  • Lencho was a very strong man and worked hard in the field, his faith in God made him write a letter to God.
  • Lencho was a religious man.

What did the postmaster do to answer the letter?

Answer: In order to keep the writer’s faith in God alive, the postmaster decided to answer the letter. When he read that Lencho needed hundred pesos, he asked for money from his employees. He put the money in an envelope addressed to Lencho and signed it ‘God’.

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