Why did my ex girlfriend send me a friend request on Facebook?

Why did my ex girlfriend send me a friend request on Facebook?

May be she just wants to be friends or to stay in connection. If she was a clingy type Gf then she wants to keep an eye on you. Or may she wants to reconnect with you. Just give it time may be she will talk.

Why would an ex friend request you?

Maybe he feels bad about the breakup and wants to express that to you. Maybe he realizes that you can’t be romantically involved, but he misses your friendship. Maybe he’s interested in rekindling the relationship. Maybe he’s hoping for a booty call.

Is it OK to be Facebook friends with an ex?

A 2017 study from Kansas State University found that being friends with an ex on social media can have repercussions on your new relationship. “Some people have rules where they don’t mind if their partner is friends on social media with their exes, as long as they were friends before they dated,” Hershenson said.

Why would an ex add you on social media?

They may be popping by out of friendly curiosity, to see what you’ve been up to. Or they may be checking in to see how you’re doing, as a way to gauge where you’re at in the breakup recovery process.

Should you accept your ex’s friend request?

It will comes to you to decide if taking is the best. Personally, I would accept it because even if they regret it you are the one deciding if you want just to talk or something more. If you don’t and still fell pain, don’t accept him/her, but if you pass that point and remember him/her as a person you can talk do it !

Why My Ex added me on Facebook?

Originally Answered: Why did my ex added me on social media? Sometimes when people are lonely and want to feel validated, they will reach out to someone who once provided that for them. They might not want to try to make things work again, but might just want to see if they still have an effect on you.

Is it bad to friend request an ex?

Yes please do send a friend request. The only condition being- if you are over him to an extent that his posts and updates do not affect you any longer. If the condition is not so, wait for some time. Get stable mentally.

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