Why do Cubans love San Lazaro?

Why do Cubans love San Lazaro?

“It’s a day of great significance to Cubans, when thousands of them make an annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Rincón to mark the feast day of San Lázaro.” Cuba’s Lazarus works miracles for the destitute and the infirm, making him one of the country’s most popular saints.

Who is San Lazaro in Santeria?

In Santeria San Lazaro is an ethical teacher and divine example of action and consequence. These two distinct expressions have become distorted.

Who is the patron saint of Cuba?

the Virgin Mary
Cuba’s patron saint is the Virgin Mary, who is represented by a statue in the town of El Cobre – about thirty minutes from the culturally rich Santiago de Cuba. The Catholic Church officially recognized this statue as having a direct connection to the divine via a process called veneration.

What is San Lazaro known for?

In the interior is San Lázaro, also known as Babalú Ayé, a Orisha in santería, well known for being the patron saint of healing and caring for the poor. Its festivity takes place on December 17th, where dozens of thousands of Cubans come to this sanctuary.

What is San Lazaro good for?

Minutes before midnight and the prayers begin. First to San Lazaro, or Saint Lazarus, considered a healer of physical and spiritual pain.

What do Babalu mean?

“Babalú” is a Cuban popular afro song written by Margarita Lecuona, the cousin of composers Ernestina and Ernesto Lecuona. The song title is a reference to the Santería deity Babalú Ayé.

Does Santería celebrate Christmas?

Although it is a Catholic holiday, every gets the day off and those that practice the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria also use it as a time for family.

Is Lazarus a saint in the Catholic Church?

Lazarus is honored as a saint by those Christian churches which keep the commemoration of saints, although on different days, according to local traditions. In Christian funerals the idea of the deceased being raised by the Lord as Lazarus was raised is often expressed in prayer.

How do you celebrate San Lazaro?

One by one, crowded shoulder-to-shoulder, the devotees light the 51 yellow candles on the altar to celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Lazarus, or Babalu-Aye. They take a small burlap bag of grains and seeds. Later, they will sweep it over their bodies to draw out any bad spirits.

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