Why is it called PhD flopper?

Why is it called PhD flopper?

The Perk-a-Cola’s name is a parody of the popular soft drink Dr. Pepper. By combining the Longshot and PhD Flopper Persistent Upgrades, the effects will chain and the player will earn the longshot bonus for every zombie killed with the explosion if the player is holding a sniper rifle.

How do I get Der Riese song?

The Musical Easter Egg is activated by pressing X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC) on three green jars with a spine and brain floating inside. After all three are activated, the song “Beauty of Annihilation” will play. The song is sung by Elena Siegman and composed by Kevin Sherwood.

Who is russman?

Russman was formerly an agent from Broken Arrow before an outbreak of zombies at the facility, which was either mistakenly or intentionally caused by other members of Broken Arrow, and possibly himself. This outbreak was connected to the larger global zombie pandemic that followed Richtofen’s Grand Scheme.

How do I unlock my 115?

It is played after the player holds the action button on three 115 meteor fragments scattered around Kino der Toten.

  1. The first one is found in the spawn room on the first floor next to the right staircase in the corner.
  2. The second one is in the room between the alley and the stage.

What does the electric cherry perk do?

Electric Cherry is a new Perk-A-Cola in Zombies. Each use costs 2000 Points. This Perk will add a sort of electric discharge from the player every time they reload, killing any zombies directly near the user.

Is there a song on verruckt?

The Musical Easter Egg is called “Lullaby For a Dead Man.” It’s sung by Elena Siegman and composed by Kevin Sherwood.

Is Brock a russman?

Trivia. According to the game files in Black Ops, Brock’s surname is Russman. This is particularly interesting as the character named Russman from Call of Duty: Black Ops II is suffering from memory issues that do not allow him to remember his full name.

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