Why is my iPhone not sounding when I get a text?

Why is my iPhone not sounding when I get a text?

Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > and scroll down to the section Sounds and Vibration Patterns. In this section, look for Text Tone. If this says None or Vibrate Only, tap it and change the alert to something you like.

Why are my texts not making a sound?

Turns out that Messages has its own notifications settings that override global settings, and for some reason, the notification sound was set to none! Setting it to any other sound option fixed it.

Why isn’t my phone alerting me when I get a text?

Text Message Notification Settings – Androidâ„¢ Tap ‘Settings’ or ‘Messaging’ settings. If applicable, tap ‘Notifications’ or ‘Notification settings’. Configure the following received notification options as preferred: Enabled when a checkmark is present or switch is in the ON position.

How do I add text tone to my iPhone?

Full Answer. Add the new “.m4r” file to iTunes. It now shows up in the Tones section. Go to the Tones section, and drag and drop the tone onto your phone. Select Settings on your iPhone, and scroll down to Sounds. Select either Ringtone or Text Tone to change either.

How do you talk text on iPhone?

Speak Selection allows you to select bits of text on a screen to be read aloud to you. Launch Settings from your Home screen. Tap General. Tap Accessibility. Tap Speech. Tap the switch next to Speak Selection.

How do I fix no sound on my iPhone?

Clean speaker holes and charging port. If dust or dirt cover the speaker holes, it will cause no sound on iPhone. You can use a dust blower to get the dust out of the speaker holes and charging port. A dry and clean toothbrush or toothpick can also help you to remove any dirt or debris from there.

Can You unsound a text message on an iPhone?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to unsend a message. Google has an unsend feature to Gmail, but text messaging with Apple is, for now, a one-way service and once the message has been delivered the other person can read it.

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