Why is the A320 so popular?

Why is the A320 so popular?

The A320 helped push forward the adoption of fly-by-wire technology, side-stick controls, and cockpit commonality in commercial airliners. Since its first flight in 1987, the A320 family has become a short and medium-haul workhorse for airlines around the world.

How big is an A320 plane?

37.57 meters
The short to medium-range A320 is the most popular version with a range of about 3,300 nautical miles or 6,150 kilometers. It has a wingspan of 35.8 meters (with wing fins called sharklets), a length of 37.57 meters and a maximum payload of 16.6 tonnes, according to Airbus.

How fast is Airbus A320?

AirBus A320 Specs

Airbus A318 Airbus A320
Type A318 A320
Freight Capacity 21.21 Cubic Metres (749 cu ft) 37.41 Cubic Metres (1,321 cu ft)
Cruising Speed Mach 0.78 (828KPH / 511 MPH at 11,000 Metres / 36,000 feet)
Maximum Operating Speed Mach 0.82 (871KPH / 537 MPH at 11,000 Metres / 36,000 feet)

What is the A320 used for?

The A320 is used on short-haul and medium-haul flights and can carry up to a maximum of 194 passengers. The A320 was the sole member of the Airbus A320 family up until 1994 when the A321 was released.

How many hours can a A320 fly?

The endurance of A320 is about 5–6 hours on one load of fuel.

How much fuel can a A320 hold?

The A320 would carry 150 passengers over 5,280 or 3,440 km (2,850 or 1,860 nmi) using fuel from wing fuel tanks only. The -200 had the centre tank activated, increasing fuel capacity from 15,590 to 23,430 L (3,429 to 5,154 imp gal).

How tall is the A320?


Overall length 123 ft 3 in
Fuselage width 13 ft 0 in
Max cabin width 12 ft 1 in
Wing span (geometric) 117 ft 5 in with Sharklets
Height 38 ft 7 in

How fast do 777 planes fly?

Boeing 777 The “Triple Seven” flies at Mach 0.84, or 644 mph and can hold up to 426 passengers.

How much fuel does an A320 use per hour?

An Airbus A320–200, consumes around 2500 kg/h. It uses Jet A-1 type fuel. It has a density of 800 kg/cubic metre. This amounts to 3125 litres per hour.

Who uses Airbus A320?

Other major operators of the A320 include United Airlines, Air China, British Airways, Spirit Airlines, Vueling, Wizz Air Hungary, Sichuan Airlines, Air France, Aeroflot, Air Canada and Turkish Airlines. All of these airlines operate an A320 family fleet of 100 or more.

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