Why is the Luke Kelly statue vandalized?

Why is the Luke Kelly statue vandalized?

It was donated by the late Gerry Hunt and sculpted by John Coll. The two statues were unveiled on either side of Dublin city last year to mark the 35th anniversary of Kelly’s death. Cllr Burke said the attacks are being orchestrated against the memory of Kelly.

How many Luke Kelly statues are there?

two statues
Dublin is set to honour legendary Dubliners singer Luke Kelly with not one but two statues, one on each side of the city.

Who Vandalised Luke Kelly statue?

Michael Dunne alleged to have sprayed statue with blue paint A man has appeared in court charged in connection with the vandalism of a statue of Luke Kelly in Dublin.

What happened to Luke Kelly?

Tuesday, January 31, 1984. Ballad singer Luke Kelly, a member of the well-known Dubliners group, died in a Dublin hospital last night. The bearded balladeer, who was 44, had been in a critical condition following a brain tumour operation.

What is the Luke Kelly statue made of?

MarbleLuke Kelly Statue / Medium

Where in Dublin was Luke Kelly from?

Sheriff Street Upper, Dublin, IrelandLuke Kelly / Place of birthSheriff Street, known by locals as “Sheriffer” or “The Street”, is a street in the north inner city of Dublin, Ireland, lying between East Wall and North Wall and often considered to be part of the North Wall area. It is divided into Sheriff Street Lower and Sheriff Street Upper. Wikipedia

Was Luke Kelly ever married?

Deirdre O’ConnellLuke Kelly / Spouse (m. 1965)

Personal life. Luke Kelly married Deirdre O’Connell in 1965, but they separated in the early 1970s. Kelly spent the last eight years of his life living with his partner Madeleine Seiler, who is from Germany.

Are any of the original Dubliners still alive?

However, the surviving members of the group, continued touring under the name of “The Dublin Legends”, and as of 2021, Sean Cannon is the only remaining member of the Dubliners in that group, following the retirement of Patsy Watchorn in 2014 and the death of Eamonn Campbell in 2017.

Where did Luke Kelly go to school?

O’Connell Secondary SchoolLuke Kelly / Education

Where is Luke’s grave?

Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, IrelandLuke Kelly / Place of burial

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