Why is UNT stadium called apogee?

Why is UNT stadium called apogee?

Originally named Mean Green Stadium, it was renamed when ResNet provider Apogee Telecom, Inc. purchased the naming rights in 2011.

Who plays at Apogee Stadium?

North Texas Mean Green football
Apogee Stadium/Teams

How much are UNT tickets?

North Texas Mean Green Football Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 Apogee Stadium $58
2020 Apogee Stadium $58
2019 Apogee Stadium $36
2018 Apogee Stadium $33

What is UNT stadium called?

Apogee Stadium
North Texas Mean Green football/Arenas/Stadiums

How can I buy UNT football tickets?

The Ticket Office is also online for purchase of tickets in football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and softball. Click here for the Ticket Office website, or call the Ticket Office at 940-565-2527 or 800-868-2366.

What does UTEP football stand for?

Miners University University of Texas at El
UTEP Miners. University. University of Texas at El Paso.

How much are SMU football tickets?

SMU Mustangs Football Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 Gerald Ford Stadium $13
2020 Gerald Ford Stadium $13
2019 Gerald Ford Stadium $38
2018 Gerald Ford Stadium $34

When was Apogee stadium built?

September 10, 2011
Apogee Stadium/Opened

Why is UTEP called miners?

James G. Brann, a sportswriter for the El Paso Herald, first used the Miners nickname to refer to the School of Mines football team on October 15, 1914. In the early twentieth century, schools did not choose their nicknames—the press usually did.

Do SMU students get into games for free?

Students who have elected for the sports package receive FREE ADMISSION to all SMU home regular season games. Students are encouraged to get to the game early, as seats on the South lawn are first come, first served and space is limited to 10 students per socially-distanced box.

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