Why was Jeddah flooded 2009?

Why was Jeddah flooded 2009?

In the recent years, Jeddah area was subjected to extreme rainfall events that occurred in a duration of few hours (three hours each event). These rainstorm events caused catastrophic flash floods. One of them occurred in November 2009.

When was the Kaaba flooded?

Jeddah, Saudi Gazette News of the death of Sheikh Al-Awadi, who performed tawaf during the flooding of Makkah in 1941, went viral on social media. The photo of a 12-year-old Al-Awadi almost submerged in water is one of the rare pictures of the flooding that struck the Grand Mosque and the holy city 74 years ago.

Is Jeddah a safe city?

Warnings & Dangers in Jeddah Jeddah is mainly safe but you should respect local rules and discover information about the political situations before the visit. Disrespecting to local moral codes will be followed by severe punishments.

What caused the flooding in Saudi Arabia?

Floods water gushes through the deep valleys around Medina, Saudi Arabia, looking like blue veins in the marbled desert landscape. The floods resulted from a powerful storm, which brought heavy rains to the desert kingdom during the final days of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, when millions were visiting the region.

Is Saudi Arabia prone to flooding?

Saudi Arabia is at risk to several natural hazards, including floods, sand and dust storms, and drought.

Is Jeddah strict?

While not as strict as Riyadh, Jeddah still falls under Islamic law. Read, understand, and follow the guidelines in the Saudi Arabia article to stay out of trouble. Local women normally wear a hijab (headscarf) and abaya (long black overgarment) to cover their heads and entire bodies.

Is Jeddah worth visiting?

As the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is home to a variety of amazing museums and historical landmarks, but it also is famous for its modern attractions – and an astonishing number of Guinness World Records! Plan a trip to Jeddah and set some sightseeing records of your own.

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