Why wont Ubisoft connect let me log in?

Why wont Ubisoft connect let me log in?

Try our browser troubleshooting steps. Test your log in on a different network (such as, another Wi-Fi network or via mobile data). Install the latest version of the Ubisoft Connect Desktop App. Check that Ubisoft Connect PC is not running into connectivity issues.

How do you fix Ubisoft connect There was a problem authenticating the ownership?

Select your account username in the top-right corner of Ubisoft Connect PC. Choose Log out. Enter the login details of the account your game is activated on. Try launching your game again through Steam.

Why is Ubisoft connect not working?

Ubisoft Connect not working can be due to software conflicts caused by other applications you’re running in the background such as antivirus or even a VPN. So we suggest you close unnecessary programs while playing Ubisoft games and using the Ubisoft Connect app.

What are the password requirements for Ubisoft?

You can check this on the Security page of the Ubisoft Account Management website. Avoid common passwords, such as p4ssw0rd, 123456, Pass123, or passwords that contain part of your username. We recommend passwords with at least 8 characters, a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

How do I authenticate ownership on Ubisoft?

In order to play the game, you need to make sure you’re logged in to the correct account. Fortunately, this is a simple fix. Open Ubisoft Connect, then click on your account user name and choose the option to log out. After that, log in with the user name and password for the account that owns the game you wish to run.

How do I repair uplay ownership?

Steps to fix product ownership authentication in Uplay

  1. Restart both clients. Close both Steam and Uplay apps.
  2. Re-log into Uplay. Click the account username in the top right corner of Uplay > select Log out.
  3. Change the Uplay password. Log out of the Uplay client.
  4. Open the game in Uplay.
  5. Contact Ubisoft Support.

How do I log into Ubisoft Connect?

Linking to Your Ubisoft Account

  1. Click on the Search tab on your Xbox One Dashboard or go to the Store and enter the Apps section.
  2. Enter Ubisoft Connect in the Search tab and select the Ubisoft Connect app on your television screen.
  3. Select Get it for free to download and install the Ubisoft Connect app.

Is Ubisoft offline?

Ubisoft Connect PC will launch in offline mode automatically if you have no internet connection. This will only happen if you logged into the app before. Please note that when you run Ubisoft Connect PC in offline mode, some games and services will not be available.

Why does Ubisoft say my password is invalid?

After entering your username and password you MUST hit the Enter key on your keyboard BEFORE you click the Login button. If you do not, you will get an error stating your password is invalid and cannot be larger than 30 characters.

How do I find my Ubisoft connect password?

If you have forgotten your password:

  1. please check the email that is attached to your online account.
  2. When creating an online account you should receive a confirmation email that contains both your username and password information.
  3. If the email is not found in your inbox, be sure to check your junk mail folder as well.

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