Will 2K make another BioShock?

Will 2K make another BioShock?

BioShock 4 release date In a tweet officially announcing a new BioShock is in the works in 2019, publisher 2K Games stated that work has begun on the next iteration of the BioShock franchise but that the game “will be in development for the next several years”.

Will they ever return to BioShock?

As of writing, there is currently no official release date or window for BioShock 4. 2K Games confirmed in December 2019 that BioShock 4 was currently undergoing development. During a February 2020 financial report, 2K Game’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, revealed that BioShock 4 was still “several years” away.

Is there going to be a 4th BioShock?

According to Moriarty, BioShock 4 will take place during the 1960s in a fictional Antarctic city. Narratively the game will be tied to the previous BioShock games, the journalist claimed, and developer Cloud Chamber is targeting a 2022 release.

Is the BioShock series over?

Bioshock series ended. Ken Levine stated this publicly, and the team at Irrational all but disbanded, following their new projects that I hope to be just as good or even better than Bioshock was.

How old is Elizabeth Comstock?


First Appearance BioShock Infinite
Sex Female
Nationality American
Age 20

What does AD stand for in BioShock Infinite?

In the tradition of BioShock protagonists having a distinct mark or tattoo on their hands or arms, the back of Booker’s right hand bears the brand “AD” (Which stands for Anna DeWitt).

What is the shortest BioShock game?

BioShock: How Long Is Each Game & DLC?

  • 3 BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds – 3 Hours.
  • 4 BioShock Infinite – 11.5 Hours.
  • 5 BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den – 4 Hours.
  • 6 BioShock 2: Protector Trials – 1 Hour.
  • 7 BioShock 2 – 11 Hours.
  • 8 BioShock: Challenge Rooms – 1.5 Hours.
  • 9 BioShock – 12 Hours.

Will the BioShock franchise continue under 2K Games?

The good news is that the BioShock franchise will continue under 2K, obviously with a new developer at the helm. 2K Games believes there are still “many untold stories” left in the BioShock universe, and they “look forward to exploring the next BioShock experience.”

Does ‘BioShock’ have more untold stories?

Despite the dissolution of ‘BioShock’ developer Irrational Games, publisher 2K Games still believes the franchise has many more ‘untold stories.’

Is BioShock 4 going to be set in the future?

While this clearly isn’t a confirmation on where the game is – or isn’t – set, it certainly does suggest that BioShock 4 will take us somewhere new, which wouldn’t be an unwelcome change and would allow Cloud Chamber Games to really make its mark on the BioShock universe.

Is BioShock 2 a good sequel to Dishonored?

Yet, BioShock 2, the only game not developed by Irrational, was a surprisingly solid sequel. Unfortunately, most of the folks who helped make BioShock 2 a success have moved on to Arkane Studios, the developer behind Dishonored .

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