Will there be a SML movie?

Will there be a SML movie?

A Youtuber by the name of MλFDOMiNUS (who is an SML Critic like dabhdude and a long time former fan) is planning to make a fan-made Movie based on SML, which is scheduled to be released on June 26, 2021 as part of MλFDOMiNUS’ 5th Anniversary on his Main Channel.

Are SML and Tito still friends?

After Logan and Chilly’s break up in late 2019, Tito and Logan are no longer friends. According to Tito, Logan also had destroyed many of his plushies he had yet used for Titototter videos.

Is Logan from SML dead?

Logan Thirtyacre (1 Death)

Is Precious still alive SML?

Logan gave the fans another update months later in a vlog after many fans wondered where she was and asking if she was still alive or not. Logan confirmed Precious was, indeed, still alive.

Is SML getting canceled?

Chilly Jimenez, Logan’s ex-fiancé, announced on her Twitter that the film was cancelled in 2019. As stated, Logan refused to reveal the film’s cancellation and hoped that anyone would forget about the film.

Who Voices Black Yoshi in SML?

Lance Thirtyacre is an actor and producer, known for Super Mario Logan (2007), Luigi0730 (2011) and …

How old is chilly from SuperMarioLogan?

age 26
Chilly Jimenez (born: Ladye Wanda Jimenez; September 28, 1995 (1995-09-28) [age 26]), is an American YouTube vlogger who is Titototter’s younger sister and Logan Thirtyacre’s girlfriend. On March 2017, she began a daily vlog series on her channel, known as “Chilly” which captures the daily lives of her and Logan.

Why did Chilly go to jail?

On March 3rd, 2021, Chilly was booked in the Pensacola prison for “Contempt of Court”, with a bond of $500. She was released later in the same day.

Is Jeffy dead?

Similarly to Mama Luigi, Jeffy is permanently killed off.

Did SML get sued?

Sued and arrested for no reason, apparently, because of this guy named DBTV. DBTV claims SML copied Jeffy from him. DBTV made a video called “EXPOSING SUPERMARIOLOGAN! (SML)”, which features his stupid attempt to try and gain profit and attention.

Why did SML delete?

This video was deleted by YouTube on August 22, 2019 for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service, likely because of the Nazi jokes present as well as the Nazi Cheeseburger being present in the video. SML Movie SuperPowers!

Why is SML deleting his channel?

his NEW and FOURTH channel is called only: “SML”. but in May 2, 2021, Logan published on his social media accounts and channels that in JUNE 1, 2021 he will have to delete his original channel to break every single interaction with NINTENDO due to the bad use he gave to his characters.

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