Adventure Awaits: Best Destinations for Outdoor Activities

Are you planning a summer trip but don’t know where to travel? If you’re looking for outdoor fun, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re into rock climbing, kayaking, wildlife observations, or beach towns, we’ve got everything. Here are our picks for outdoor adventure destinations. Grab your gear and get set for your next adventure.

Washington State’s Castle Rock

As the state’s first multi-pitch rock climbing destination, Castle Rock is famous for offering rock climbers a towering 400-foot high climb over the Wenatchee River. Take in the majestic views at this wonderous journey’s end.


Yosemite National Park

Famous for its sequoia trees, California’s Yosemite National Park offers hikers endless options to trek along the many trails within the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can also check out the nearby shopping and get those golf polos you’ve been searching for.


When you’re done exploring Glacier Point, Half Dome, and Mariposa Grove, head over to Tunnel View and take in the sights of the El Capitan’s granite cliffs. If you get hungry, stop at Yosemite Village for restaurants and a place to crash.


Kayaking Along The Colorado River

Take a trip to Austin, Texas, and kayak along the glorious Colorado River. If you’re serious about kayaking, get a permit, and take the 50-mile route along the lower Colorado River, which is smack dab in the middle of Austin and Bastrop.


If you want a shorter adventure:

  1. Take the five-mile route between two local parks.
  2. Take a short drive to Webberville, Texas, to find kayaking amenities at Cook’s Canoes.
  3. Stay safe while traveling, and bring your safety equipment for kayaking.


Utah’s Alpine Forests

Head to Utah to check out the rock lands and waterways within the state’s expansive alpine forests. In addition to Zion National Park, you can explore hidden gems at Bryce Canyon National Park, like Hoodoo rocks and private overlooks of scenic views. Backpackers and hikers alike will enjoy rock climbing, bouldering, and stargazing at night.


Birdwatching In San Diego

Travel to OceanSide Harbor and visit one of the many bird-friendly regions in sunny San Diego. From the San Luis Rey River Trail to the Buena Vista Lagoon, you’ll find an extensive stretch of beaches, grasslands, and other habitats full of bird watching sights. View the blue herons, American coots, and sparrows as they travel across the marshlands. When you’re done checking out the birdlife, head over to La Jolla, and catch the seals sunbathing on the shore.


Central Coast California Beach Towns

Head to the central coast of California and get your fill of beach town adventure. From early morning surfing at Cayucos to collecting moonstone and sea glass at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, channel your Mermaid soul and enjoy the summer fun in the sleepy beach towns of the central coast.


For a bit more liveliness, take a short fifteen-minute drive to Pismo Beach and dig for clams, or collect your fill of the flawless sand dollars that wash up on the shores.


Make Memories That Last A Lifetime

Any vacation destination is an opportunity for outdoor adventure. The above suggestions can get you started in your search for your next warm-weather excursion. Remember to pack your sunscreen and safety equipment if you plan on doing any adventurous activities like kayaking. Some activities require safety equipment, so be sure you have what you need.


Outdoor adventures are about exploring what you love to do and trying new things. Wherever you go this summer, make it your mission to try something new and create new memories that will last a lifetime. Bon voyage!

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