Dead Canary Slot: How to Play and What to Expect From This Exciting New Game

The Dead Canary slot is one of the most popular slot games on the internet with its high-risk-high-reward mantra. The game was launched in late December 2022 and has since got the attention of many casino aficionados.

The thematic influence of the game is derived from the mining exploits of the angry dwarf, which is popular from the same creator, Nolimit City.

The game has 1,778 ways to win in total, while at the start of the game, this figure is 36. Unlocking more rows is possible as you play the game and finally reach the 1,778 figures: the maximum number.

It is an adventurous game with explosions, treasures, and of course, canaries. With increasing pay lines as you progress through the game, it offers intrigue for casino lovers that is sure to hook them to the game.

What Is the Dead Canary Slot?

The game is similar to mining-based earlier titles from the same publisher, which makes the game familiar to casino lovers.

The dead canary theme takes inspiration from miners who used canaries as a signal to warn other miners of deadly gas buildups in the shaft.

It is an immersive game with lots of action and adventures such as realistic mining explosions, treasure troves, and so on.

Players with large bankrolls have found a liking to this game as it offers plenty of opportunities for them to make money off it. The high return-to-player (RTP) value of 96.02%, the betting range of 0.2 to 100, and the maximum win of 65,000x make sure of such exploits.

Let’s dive into some of the features of the game that will better explain its merits and demerits for new players.

How to Play Dead Canary Slot

To play the Dead Canary slot, you can check out the casino website and load the slot via the browser. You must familiarize yourself with the rules and the pay table first so that there are minimum surprises when you play. Pressing the spin button starts the game after you’ve set the amount for the bet.

With a non-standard board with 3-3-2-2-1 diagonal reels, the Dead Canary slot starts with 36 pay lines and players can end up with as many as 1,728 pay lines till the end. Three rows are blocked at the start of the game. A row opens each time you win, after which there is an xBomb or a Wild Mining feature initiated.

Features of the Dead Canary Slot Game

The Dead Canary slot is filled with an interactive and action-packed thematic gameplay for users to enjoy. Moreover, with the RTP of 96.02%, it offers high-risk-high-reward gameplay.

The fact that the canary theme is inspired by early miners is another interesting feature that makes players hooked to the aesthetics of the game. Here are some features of the game that make it a popular one for casino players.

·      Mobile Compatibility

The game’s diversity can be gauged from the fact that it allows mobile users to play from their devices, which is a good thing in today’s world. Smartphones dominate our tech landscape, and it is important to cater for these devices.

The Dead Canary slot does this well with compatibility on mobile browsers, which is not a problem as gamers enjoy the full features of the game with the touch of a finger.

·      Thematic Nature of the Game

As mentioned earlier, the game is based on the earlier mining game by the same publisher and offers plenty of aesthetics.

The publisher, Nolimit City, is well-known with over 10 years in the industry, and is recognized globally for its casino games. The publisher is known for innovative slot games with a definite theme, something which is quite evident in the Dead Canary slot.

●     Other Features

  • You can activate the multiplier mode through cascading reels. Each win opens a new row, which ultimately increases your earnings.
  • Another cool feature is the diagonally activated bombs that explode to reveal even bigger rewards for the player.
  • Three scatters lead to canary free spins, resulting in the unlocking of more reels on the board—thus, a bigger board that results in bigger earnings.


Nolimit City has yet another winner on the cards with the Dead Canary slot casino game. Its thematic nature and feature-packed gameplay offer plenty of incentives for all types of gamers.

The only thing of note here is the unusual board configuration, which can surprise some newbies.

After getting the hang of this unusual configuration, though, it’s smooth sailing as the aesthetics of the game hook all the players.

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