The Ultimate Guide to Large Bongs: Everything You Need to Know

These popular smoking devices are known as water pipes and are used by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Even tobacco and herb smokers prefer them over other ways of smoking. They come in different sizes and shapes, but larger variants are particularly favored by those who prefer a more intense smoking experience.

Invariably, many users will remember their very first time using huge bongs, pushing them to invest in various models as a collection or to use them regularly. While avid users can tell why size matters when purchasing water pipes, several newbies might find the concept confounding.


Nevertheless, the following guide to large bongs can be helpful for amateurs, as it explores their features and benefits to help you make an informed buying decision.


About Large Bongs and their Features

As the name suggests, these water pipes are bigger than traditional devices. They typically stand between eighteen and twenty-four inches tall and can reach up to thirty-six inches or more. Significant variants offer a more extended and intense smoking experience because of the increased capacity for smoke to accumulate within the chamber.


Here’s what they are typically characterized by:


  • Height and Size

They are usually taller and broader than regular devices, with a chamber that can hold more water and smoke. The larger size means that the smoke has more time to cool down before it reaches your lungs, which results in a smoother hit.


  • Percolators

Percolators are the small, intricate chambers within a device that help filter the smoke and create bubbles. Large devices often have multiple percolators, providing more filtration and a smoother smoking experience.


  • Thick Glass

Bigger water pipes are usually made from thick glass, which makes them more durable than regular ones. The glass’s thickness also helps keep the device stable and less likely to tip over.


Undeniable Benefits

Buyers in two minds about punching these variants will find the following list of their perks informative.


  • Smooth Hits

A significant benefit of using a giant bong is the smoothness of the hits. The smoke has more time to cool down as it travels through the larger chamber and multiple percolators, resulting in a less harsh hit that is easier on your lungs.


  • Increased Smoke Volume

Bigger devices have a larger chamber, which can hold more smoke than regular contraptions. This increased volume of smoke allows for a more intense smoking experience, which can benefit those who have built up a tolerance to cannabis.


  • Enhanced Flavor

The larger device size also means that more flavor can be added to the smoke since it has more space to interact with the water and percolators, enhancing the taste of your cannabis.


Where to Purchase

Shopping for huge bongs on reliable online head shops is paramount if you want quality items in exchange for your money. So, look for a supplier with a solid reputation and one who has been in business for a while. Reading customer reviews can give you an idea of their customer service and the quality of their products.


Furthermore, you can browse various options, such as beakers, triple honeycomb designs, straight tubes, skull-shaped models, and ribbed neck pipes. Some sites also allow you to purchase surprise boxes containing quality water pipes, dab tools, and other smoking accessories at reasonable prices.


Therefore, choosing a reliable supplier can help ensure you get a high-quality giant bong that will provide you with a satisfying smoking experience.

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