How do I find my Xerox printer SMTP server?

How do I find my Xerox printer SMTP server?

  1. From a computer (on the same network as the printer) open a Web browser.
  2. In the Web browser address field, enter the IP address of the printer and then press Enter or Return.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Click Services.
  5. Click Email.
  6. To access SMTP server settings, for Server to Send Emails (SMTP), click the Pencil icon.

What is SMTP for Xerox printer?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard used to transmit email across IP networks. Your printer uses SMTP to transmit scanned images, Internet fax jobs, and alerts through email. Note: To complete these instructions, you will need to log in to the Embedded Web Server as an administrator.

What is SMTP server error?

An SMTP response code is a three digit code that the servers use to communicate throughout the email sending process. If there is a communication error, you will receive an SMTP error code — a message that indicates the specific problem; like the end of server communication which is error code 550 (The request failed).

How do I set up scan to email in Xerox?

To Configure Scan to Email With a Gmail Address

  1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the printer in the Address bar, and then press Enter.
  2. Click on the Properties tab.
  3. If prompted, log in as the system administrator.
  4. Click on Services > Email > Setup.
  5. Click on Edit in the Action column next to SMTP.

What is SMTP server address?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and it’s an application used by mail servers to send, receive, and/or relay outgoing mail between email senders and receivers. You can generally find your SMTP email server address in the account or settings section of your mail client.

What is the SMTP host for Office 365?

Office 365: POP, IMAP and SMTP settings for Office 365

POP settings Server name: Port: 995 Encryption method: SSL
IMAP settings Server name: Port: 993 Encryption method: SSL
SMTP settings Server name: Port: 587 Encryption method: TLS or STARTTLS

How do I fix a SMTP error?

Fix SMTP Server error in Email

  1. Open your email client program (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora or Windows Mail)
  2. Click “Accounts” in the “Tools” menu.
  3. Click on your email account then click “Properties” button.
  4. Click “General” tab.
  5. Ensure that the “E-mail address” is your valid address for this account.
  6. Click “Servers” tab.

How do I fix my SMTP connection?


  1. Check the SMTP server settings. SMTP server address—Check the host name or network address of the SMTP e-mail server.
  2. Check the SMTP authentication settings. Check whether the e-mail server requires authentication.
  3. Test SMTP settings by sending a test e-mail. If you are unable to send a test e-mail:

How do I find my SMTP address?

You can generally find your SMTP email server address in the account or settings section of your mail client. When you send an email, with SMTP host Gmail or AOL, the SMTP server processes your email, decides which server to send the message to, and relays the message to that server.

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