How do you explain the plot of a film?

How do you explain the plot of a film?

But what is the definition of the plot in a movie? In short, the plot is what happens in a film, i.e. the narrative sequence of events that determine the outcome of the characters. Thus, movie plots are the events that happen, in sequence, in order to show a cause and effect.

What is the short description of a movie called?

It’s called a “summary” or a “short summary.” Sometimes, people call it a “blurb,” as in, “Did you read the blurb below the title?”

How would you describe a bad movie?


second-rate violent moronic
brutal confused disappointing
bloody silly tired
predictable stupid uninteresting
weak incredibly tiresome trite

What is plot in a story examples?

A plot is also a narrative of events, the emphasis falling on causality. ‘The king died and then the queen died,’ is a story. ‘The king died, and then the queen died of grief’ is a plot. The time-sequence is preserved, but the sense of causality overshadows it.”

What makes a good movie plot?

The plot is what happens in a story. However, a plot is not a simple sequence of events. A strong plot is centered on one moment—an interruption of a pattern, a turning point, or an action—that raises a dramatic question, which must be answered throughout the course of the story.

What are negative words to describe a person?

On the contrary, here are some negative adjectives you can use to describe a person, place, thing, or situation:

  • Aggressive.
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  • Cruel.

What is the best definition of a plot?

A plot is a scheme, a story, a map charting progress, or a piece of land (as for a garden). To plot is to devise the secret plan, order the events of the story, or track your movement on the map. All that’s left is to plot (arrange) the sequence of events for maximum suspense.

Are movie plots badly explained?

The wildly popular hashtag #explainafilmplotbadly is still going strong, giving us the essence of our favorite movies in bitesize captions, and highlighting how hilariously ridiculous some movie plots are from different perspectives and without context. Yes, they are badly explained.

What is the best way to describe movie plot structure?

Often the true genius of writing is in recognizing how to order those interrelated events. So, another way to think about movie plot structure is to answer the question “what happens in the story and in what order?”

What’s the funniest movie plot explanation you’ve ever come up with?

Take a look at 30 of the funniest movie-plot explanations people came up with. 1. The Twilight Saga 2. Shrek 3. Harry Potter 4. Cast Away 5. Warcraft 6. Thor 7. Mulan 8. Dumb And Dumber 9. The Shining 10. Independence Day 11. Lord Of The Rings 12. Ratatouille 13. Titanic 14.

Is every movie Safe from these hilariously inaccurate descriptions?

And no, no movie is safe from these hilariously inaccurate descriptions – from Twilight to the Harry Potter saga, every flick gets its fair share. And what has started as a happy accident is now taking the internet by storm.

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